2020 PA-MOJA Week – Daraja Pillars — PA-MOJA Week – Galicia

PA-MOJA Week Contribution: Daraja Pillars

A) Be accountable for the role you play, neither neglecting it nor abusing it.

I would personally say I have valued the role I am in the most, once I had gotten a good leap on my voluntary commitments. Once I saw the impact I was making for young learners, whether it be their first few years learning French, or helping out at art summer camps, I recognized my vital role. On one side, I did not want to leave because it was an exploratory experience where I could share my skills, but on the other side, I could not take time off because I knew another library tutor is better than one less. I believe when one is put in a position where their attendance is relevant for the continuation of a program/event, this pillar is truly put into action.


B) Maintain open communication: speak honestly and listen respectfully.

Maintaining open communication is a foundational element for success. Primarily listening to your community’s ideas are important –especially when you are in a leadership position. Being clear in speech is a succedent, as with sheer attention and validation of other’s thoughts, you should then be able to have a say. I have learned these two relevant skills in-school, primarily. I think many students see school as a transfer of information, from the teacher to the student; but forget to realize how it helps them form opinions. I think of it as this analogy: ‘without the food, what are you going to eat?’ It is important to listen respectfully when receiving information, so you will be able to process and work with it. This then allows you to speak honestly with the backbone in knowledge and taking cautious steps forward.

C) Embrace differences: Treat all with dignity and respect.

Embracing differences, in my opinion, is taking a look around yourself, and considering all to be good as it is. There are already so many differences in the world. Some physically demonstrated, and many below the surface. The difference between seeing these differences, and embracing them, is realizing that our characteristics define us as people, but should not be a dividing line. Over recent years, reporting media, schools, and socials have brought awareness to this subject; that each of us is to be treated as equal. To learn about other cultures, you do not have to travel far. In your own culture, you can even make a tart. Go somewhere new, do a different thing, and talk to people outside your social circle. As far as the mind is concerned, many have implicit prejudices. Recognize it and ask yourself if it is true if a negative thought comes into your mind. Are they informed? How do I alter this?

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  1. Hi Galicia,
    I really admired your passion for volunteering and you fell in love with what you were doing. I must say it is an amazing to work with young learners and seeing them achieve their goals is the best feeling 🙂

    • Hi Lokshana,

      Most definitely! It is great to have a part in their dreams and goals. Wonderful to connect on the admiration for community involvement,



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