How I Feel When Am Sick.

Everyone hates being sick, and I am no different. Being sick is an awful moment in human life. If people had the choice of being sick or not, no one would ever choose to be sick. Some diseases vary in their severity. Everyone has experienced some minor illness and we all fear getting some more dangerous disease. 

 When I am sick I feel funny and sad at the same time. It is funny because I usually want to be alone and it feels like yoga to me because in some ways, it’s kind of peaceful. Most of the time when I am sick I talk to myself a lot like “Denis why are you sick, you need to get back to normal”. To take my mind off being sick, I like reading novels so that I can forget the pain. I think they act like natural painkillers. At the same time, it is also sad because I see others feeling well and healthy and imagine how lucky they are. I think I am one of the people who fears death the most. When I am sick I often think of death and imagine that the disease may be the one to finish me off. 

The symptoms I hate most are a blocked nose, chest pain and a toothache. I am a jovial person so it is not easy for anyone to recognise when I am sick. The funny thing with sickness is that it humbles someone no matter how tough someone is. People, especially in school, like making fun of me when I am sick because they know I can’t do anything that “ sounds like payback”.

I think being sick is both good and bad.  I feel it is good because it makes people know how others feel when they are sick and not to make fun of them. Why it is bad is because you cannot live your normal life and the sickness may sometimes lead someone to death.

Even though I know sickness is a part of life, I hope to live my whole life without being sick again.

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  1. Hi Denis! I hate being sick too, although I doubt that anyone enjoys it. I think being sick can be quite scary, because it’s hard to understand what’s going on in your body. I liked how you mentioned that sickness is especially difficult, cause it can affect even the toughest people. It’s strange that something we can’t even see can affect our lives so much.

    I also liked how you said that being sick can also be good, because it shows you how other people feel when they are sick, and it teaches you not to make fun of them. I’ve never thought of it that way, and it helped me look at sickness from a different perspective. Personally, I think a good part about sickness is that it helps strengthen your immune system. The more times you’re sick, the more practise your immune system has, so it will be stronger if it needs to fight a life threatening disease.

    I really enjoyed reading your post, and i hope you stay healthy!
    -Jasmine 🙂

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