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Hi, I’m Galicia, I’m 17-years-old, and currently in my ultimate year attending Dr. Charles Best Secondary School’s French-Immersion program. Growing up with a diverse background, language courses had been my favourites, however, entering Dr. Charles Best, I have shifted over to more Business and Social Sciences as being my favourites! I have a range of passions for government affairs, business, and the communication realm of work. Overall, given the words of my peers and how I view myself, I would consider the words dedicated, mindful, sociable, and punctual to describe myself. My skills are demonstrated in the leadership roles I possess or have had experience in. I have brought commitment in my many roles, such as a French Tutor, Spanish Teacher, and NPO Founder. I have taken the decision to enroll myself in the Social Responsibility (Butterfly Effect) course as I am interested in gaining more insight on global perspectives and impact. These types of exploratory courses have always been a keen interest of mine, where I can express my viewpoints, learn fact-based information, with which I am able to explore further with research! When I do have free time, good literature is always a plus —both reading and writing! Going into 2020, I am having a few of my pieces being published already, and am fortunate to continue exploring my capabilities.

I wish you all the best with this wonderful journey to come!

About Galicia Gordon

Galicia Gordon - Vancouver, Canada

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  1. Hi I am Peter Muthee from Kenya. I am 13 years old still in primary school. I also love science its my favorite subject. As for me I consider myself as a punctual, reliable, fearless, fair person. I have a role in school which prove my personalities I am a class monitor. I like your personalities and your roles even though your still in secondary school. Can you please explain to me what is NPO ? I also love reading books and I love the way you boldly express your personality I am already eager to know more about you.

    • Hi Peter, hope all is well! These are some very kind words – thank you!😊 An NPO is short for “Non-Profit Organization.” It is an organization that has a mission to help a group of people and the members who work at it do so on a volunteer basis. A great example is our wonderful PA-MOJA organization! I’ll stay updated on your posts as well, Peter.

      Best Regards,


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