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Hello! my name is Vianna, I’m 15 years old and I live in Burquitlam. I go to Charles Best Secondary School and my favourite subject is English. I am half Chinese and half Italian these cultures are both really different and similar. In both cultures there are bigger families who are closer, the food is amazing and there are lots of festivals or holidays. In Chinese culture, they are generally Buddhist, more strict with grades and they use a lunar calendar. In Italian culture they are very interested and care lots about the arts, they are catholic and take pride in their language. I am very passionate about fashion and makeup and I aspire to start a career with these skills. I came to Butterfly because I wanted to learn how I could use my voice and actions to help children all over the world. If I could solve any world problem I would help people have easy access to education and school after secondary because this can help solve poverty which helps solve world hunger and more women can be educated around the world. In my free time, I like to draw and make music. To relax I normally play my playlist, hang out with my boyfriend and draw in my sketchbook. My hero is my mom because she is a first-generation immigrant who managed to learn a new language and make herself a new life.

I added two images of myself.

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  1. Hi I am Peter I am Kenyan. In Kenya we use the normal calendar.we have a lot of cultures and I love them. In Kenya we do not mind the seasons so it is just normal to us.In Kenya we have different languages and different cultures.

    • Hi Viana its peter. in Kenya there are Muslims and Christians.
      and I can tell you that the Muslims are more strict with there culture than the Christians like the Christians call the their place of worship church and Muslims call theirs’s mosque. What about Buddhist how do they call there place of worship?
      I also like to draw. I don’t make music but I enjoy listening to music. Specifically country music my favorite song is the Gambler by Kenny Rogers. I like what you have written about yourself.

  2. Hi Vianna,

    Nice to meet you, I am full chinese so my parents use the lunar calendar too, it kinda confuses me but I love the culture and the hoildays expecially. The Mid-Autume festival is coming up and I can’t wait for the moon cakes and good food.

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