BLOG 6 Reflection “Does the our current criminal justice system promote peace and justice?”

My inquiry question this semester is “Does the our current criminal justice system promote peace and justice?” Throughout the process of finding an answer I learned so much not just about the criminal justice system but about politics and human rights. A large challenge that we were all faced with this year has been the pandemic creating a inability to communicate face to face preventing us from being at school. This effected my project because of my “Round 3 of Research” which I planned on interviewing Marion Buller, a First Nations judge in BC. The virus stopped us from meeting in person but I was still able to contact her via email and had an amazing conversation with her. I was able overcome this challenge by using todays technology to still interview Marion. This round of research turned out to be my favourite and I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to have spoken with this lovely and interesting women whom gave me great insight into my research. In our interview we went over many different topics and questions. Not only did the virus effect this section of my project but it all as a whole. Due to school being cancelled at the beginning it was very hard to adjust to everything online including how classes would be done, assignments being handed in, questions and so much more. I started working full time and this began to limit the time I had to do homework. After working through with each teacher how I would resolve this issue by watching classes after, checking in as much as possible and creating a specific and organised schedule of when classes, work and homework are done. This inquiry project has helped me think with an open mind and helped me discover how we can create peace in our communities and globally. I will now be more weary about the things I do in general and in the future. I have always wanted to be a lawyer, specifically a criminal defense lawyer or crown attorney dealing directly with crime and serious legal matters. This project gave me awareness on topics I may have to deal with in the future and how by being someone who is involved in the criminal justice system how I can promote peace and justice for others. My investigation will impact many communities locally and globally because of its importance. We are all in a very complicated situation at the moment that provoked us to reflect on our lives. We can use this time we have to ourselves to better ourselves mentally and physically and this project has helped me discover that. With the second non-indictment of a white police officer who killed an unarmed black man in two weeks, the chant “no justice, no peace” continues to ring out in protests around America. These two words work together as one and without peace there is not justice and without justice there is no peace. Peace and justice is something the world needs to begin focussing on and how we can promote that. At the moment we are surrounded by so much hate and riots but with the information I have collected we can keep pushing and creating a peaceful world where our criminal justice system is equal and just.


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