Self Reflection #3

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. It seems like throughout this pandemic, BC is doing a great job! If we continue to work at this as we are, perhaps some restrictions will be lifted sooner.

1.) What is something you did for your body?

This week, I have been doing many online exercises with my mom from home. Lately we have been feeling quite unmotivated, so we decided that it would be good for us to do something good for our bodies. Every second day we have gotten up and done some exercises for about 15-30 minutes. It has been nice, but I’m also feeling quite sore… haha. Also, of course, I have been continuing my dance classes. Another thing that I have done for my body is that I decided to adjust my eating patterns so that I can stay healthier. Recently I haven’t been eating and have been skipping out on meals, which also has to do with lack of motivation. When I did eat, it wasn’t healthy. They were quick microwavable foods for dinner only, once a day. I realized that one unhealthy meal each day isn’t good for me, and frankly is making my body very exhausted, causing me to stay in bed all day and not do anything. This week, I have started getting up at 7:30 in the morning and have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. This week I have seen the positive impacts of me bringing my body back to proper health. Eating healthy and having a good sleep schedule has been really helping me to feel energized and motivated.

2.) What is something you did for your mind?

Something I did for my mind this week was that I have been reading a bit each day. In English we are reading a class novel together, so I have spread out the work needed and have been dedicating 15 minutes of my day every day for reading. It has been really beneficial for me and I enjoy reading where I don’t feel stressed. Another thing that I have done for my mind was that I decluttered my room. As I said earlier about my lack of motivation previously, I let my room get very messy and it was making my mind feel very claustrophobic and unhappy. To help fix that, this week I did a deep clean of my room so that I would feel accomplished, motivated, and overall happier. If you are also feeling very unmotivated, I would suggest for you guys to clean something, whether it be your room, a closet, your desk, etc. afterwards it makes you feel very happy and is really good for your mind.

3.) What is something you did for your happiness?

Something that I did for my happiness this week was that I went online with my friends and I played group games online while we were on a video chat. It is nice to stay in contact with them in any way that I can and we can share a few laughs. I think that the most difficult part of self-isolating is not being able to see them, but again, if we continue to work on flattening the curve, perhaps restrictions will be lifted sooner rather than later. Another thing that I did for my happiness is that after Dr Bonnie Henry said “double the bubble”, my mom and I went to go visit my grandparents for mother’s day weekend. (Don’t worry, they have also been self-isolating.) It was nice to see family in person after so long and get to share a dinner and evening all together. I enjoyed seeing them, and although I can’t see the rest of my family in person yet, it was nice to see someone from my family.

4.) What is something you did for someone else?

Something that I did for someone else this week was that I helped my mom clean our pool. Since the weather was quite hot this weekend, my mom thought it would be a great time to clean the pool and get it ready for summer. I helped her take off the cover and scrub and clean the pool. She appreciated the help. Another thing I helped my mom with is garden work. I helped her out with her plants as well as mow the lawn. This week I really just worked to clean the house and yard so that everything was in good shape. This helped me to get out of my slump and be able to feel motivated and happy!

Overall, I am happy with how I have been treating myself and others this week. Although it is hard to not see everyone, we will get through this! Continue to wash your hands lots and stay safe.

See you in my next post,

Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

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