round #2 of research

Alien Interactions with Humans

Hello, this is my second round of research. In this round of research, we’ll be looking at, how RH negative blood plays a role in the theory of alien-human hybrids. This supports the theory of aliens not existing and existing at the same time, inferring that we are the aliens.

As we all know, humans have blood running through their veins and there are different types of blood. On red blood cells, some people have an inherited protein. If you have the protein, you are RH positive. If you don’t you are RH negative. During pregnancy, if the mother has RH negative blood and the baby has RH positive, the mother develops RH antibodies and starts to essentially attack the baby. (1) Where the conspiracy aspect of RH negative blood is that people with RH positive can be traced back to the rhesus monkey. However, RH negative cannot be traced back to anything. Some scientists speculate that there was a DNA mutation which is entirely possible. (2) The chances of there being a mutation are very slim, but it’s widely supported in the scientific community because the contrary debunks evolution. People with RH negative blood are known to have a higher IQ, lower heart rate, green or hazel eyes, extra empathy and sensitivity to heat and light. Some say they have psychic abilities and have experienced more alien abductions than the RH positive group. Up until the 15th century, RH negative blood only existed in Spain and France. There are very few RH negative people who come from Asian or African descent. This also doesn’t add up because according to the theory of evolution, humans originated from Sub-Saharan African, yet RH negative blood originates from Europe (specifically Basque which borders Spain and France). Even weirder, the native language spoken in Basque has no linguistic relatives.

Many US presidents have RH negative blood. It is rumoured that they all have RH negative blood but due to records being lost, we can only be certain that some do.

A possibility is that there was an alien that bred with a human a long time ago. This would explain why some people don’t have the RH factor and why they have similar superior characteristics. George Bush Sr., George W. Bush, Nixon, Eisenhower, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump all have RH negative blood. (4)

Finally, the theory that I for sure believe after all this research and one that would explain a lot is that an alien bred with a human in Basque, Spain. This explains why RH negative blood originates from Basque, why that group of people have higher intelligence but also lets the theory of evolution work for the majority of the population.

Thank you so much for reading this far.


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  1. Hi Liz!
    I found your post very thought-provoking! It was very interesting to read about your theories. We often hear that there are aliens living in outer space, but as your research proves, aliens genetics may reside in the best or worst of us. For your next posts, maybe you can compare how your theory may coincide with the little information we have on extraterrestrial beings. Or also known as the Fermi Paradox.
    Here’s a video that may help:
    Great work! I look forward to reading your next post!

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