Blog Post #6: Reflection



  • What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about overcoming these challenges?

 A recurring challenge I faced throughout all my rounds of research was identifying which pieces of information were most important for the reader to gain an adequate understanding of the topic. As I was researching about the World Wars, there were several factors that contributed to these events, and I was unsure if not including a certain detail would cause the reader to lack understanding as a whole on the topic or point trying to be conveyed. To overcome this challenge, I visited several different sources and discerned how much emphasis they put on the importance of a particular event. If the majority of my sources included more information about that event or detail, I would make sure to append it to my research. However, even after I concluded what information was important, I still had trouble simplifying facts. History, as we all know, is far vast to be simplified, so to overcome this challenge I had to word my writing so that each event was stated but with a limited about of detail. Because I did have more I wanted to say about a certain part of my research, I extended it to the following round, which in turn, did not allow me to follow my research plan. However, I think it was important to thoroughly understand that portion of my project. Lastly, I faced challenged with completing my work, though this was mainly due to my untimeliness. To overcome this challenge, I had to set certain dates for myself to complete the work. I do hope to be more organized in the future.


  • How did this inquiry change the way you think?


This inquiry project changed the way I looked at certain events in my life because of the utter weight the events in the time of the World Wars had on several nations and the identities of society. This inquiry changed the way I think about the events in my life. When reflecting on the details of my identity, I now think about circumstances that led to where I am today. When researching about the Wars, it was very clear to see that every event and repercussion following these conflicts were closely linked. This allowed me to see how the seemingly unimportant and insignificant events in my life, did contribute to where I stand now.


  • How did this investigation impact your future decisions?


This investigation impacted my future decisions because of the new insight it provided me with the word “impact”. Researching about such catastrophic events in history as the World Wars, allowed me to see how both minor and substantial details are both overlooked and not seen enough. These events are what ultimately shape an identity. With the World Wars, everything that surpassed during those cruel periods of time can easily resemble a chain reaction. Certain substantial events and actions during this time lost its weight and other, more trivial details grew to be quite large and impacting. This effects how I view my future decisions because I must consider the weight of everything I do now, and how that may weigh in my future. Equally, I must acknowledge that my decisions now, may quite probably lose or gain weight in the future and that is what ultimately shapes my identity. This helps me prepare for perhaps changes in goals or interests and how they evolve over time. Further, this project showed me how even the smallest event or action can grow quite large. This will hopefully make me more attentive and aware when I make my future decisions, even the small ones.


  •  What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?


I hope that this investigation will have the same impact on others did to me, both locally and globally. The World Wars, as in the name, effected several nations and the shape of our world. It affected societies, industries and the development of rights and equality. I hope that this project will allow others to see the events that happened in history and view the actions that led to them, how they were handled and most importantly, notice how society has evolved since then. This may allow people to understand and recognize the actions that led to the Wars so that if communities view similarities, such as allowing a single individual to be in power, as with Hitler, society has the ability to acknowledge what such absolute power may result in. Further, the World Wars brought to light several unrecognized issues at the time such as racism, women’s rights and even hatred caused by propaganda. After viewing the result of the mistakes in our history, we now know that narrow-minded views are equally wielders of weapons that have the horrifying capability to split societies, families and identities. We can now acknowledge when an individual or a group of individuals holds these narrow-minded views and unlike our prejudiced past, we are encouraged to speak out against what we know to be wrong and injustice. I think this inquiry will equally allow others to see the impact of their actions and analyze how they are where they are. Further, this investigation, clearly shows the result of cruel times in our history that we must understand so that it may never be repeated.


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