Research Round #2 – Inquiry

From the amazing comments that I have received from peers in my last research round, I’ll be taking a different approach in this second round. Here I will be looking into how different types of tooth brushes will affect the cleaning of your teeth with pros and cons and I will also be taking a look into brands and types of tooth paste that may work better for dental health and help to keep it up.

Electric Toothbrushes PROS:

  • Some studies have shown that an electric tooth brush decreases the amount of plaque and gingivitis more effectively than a manual tooth brush. (1) (3)
  • Since the bristles vibrate or rotate – some do both – it help to get in tight hard to reach areas since it causes micro-movements as you move the brush in your mouth. (1)
  • Most of these electric tooth brushes have a built in timer, giving you the correct amount of time you should be brushing for. As well as a separate vibration indicating to switch areas in the mouth. (1) (3)
  • Electric tooth brushes could also be less waste as you are not throwing out a tooth brush every month. (1)

Electric Toothbrush CONS:

  • Electric tooth brushes cost more than a manual tooth brush, with prices ranging up close to $300 and don’t forget that you will also need replacement heads costing most up to $45. (1)
  • Not as convenient when travelling, especially if you have one that needs to be plugged in for various amounts of time this can get tricky when you’re always on the go. (1)
  • Same goes for replacing tooth brush heads, you have to have a certain brand and have the head that fits on the model you have. Not all stores may carry what you need, there is only but again not as fast as going into the store and purchasing right then and there. (1)
  • Not everyone will love their mouth vibrating. (1)

Manual Toothbrush PROS:

  • It’s what most people are used to, they have been around since the beginning and still get the job done and if not sometimes better. (1) (3)
  • Very easy to find. At every grocery store, convenient store, gas station you name it, it’s very easy to get your hands on a manual tooth brush. (1)
  • Depending on what type of manual tooth brush you enjoy using they can go for as cheap as $5. (1)

Manual Toothbrush CONS:

  • People tend to want to brush harder thinking that it gets more plaque and food off their teeth but really it is causing harm to your gums and teeth. (1)
  • Harder to know when to actually stop brushing your teeth, sometimes too short or too long however too long is better than too short. (1)
  • Not knowing when to change your tooth brush, your tooth brush should be changed every 3-4 months or sooner if you had been sick or you can see the bristles are frayed or becoming flat. Note: if you tooth brush is becoming flat almost immediately after changing to a new toothbrush you might be brushing to hard. (1)

What you should look for in a tooth paste:

  • According to the ADA (American Dental Association) try to find a tooth paste that contains 1,000 per million fluoride in simpler terms a toothpaste with a decent amount of fluoride. (2) (4) (5)
  • Flavours etc. is all based on personal preference. (2) (4) (5)
  • For sensitive teeth, there is nothing wrong with using specific tooth pastes for that matter and they don’t cause any harm however if you find that the ones found just on the shelves aren’t working you can be prescribed a higher level tooth paste from your dentist. (2) (4)
  • Depending on the state of your teeth toothpaste will be able to rebuild your enamel but there is a point where you enamel will be too far gone and there is none left to build off of. (2)
  • One tip to help provide the most benefits from your tooth paste is not to rinse afterwards, this allows the tooth paste to essentially soak into your tooth and be absorbed. (2)
  • Whitening tooth paste has not been proven to cause sensitivity to your teeth however if you have sensitivity prior it may seem to increase it because of its ingredients and properties. (2) (5)
  • Whitening tooth paste as well will not show results right away. (2) (4)
  • Look for ADA approved toothpaste!! (4) (5)


In my next research round, I will be looking into common misconceptions people may have with dental hygiene and areas that may lack because of poor practice. If you have any suggestions as well I love hearing your ideas! Thank you for reading until next time.

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