Peter Muthee


My name is Peter Muthee I live in Nanyuki Kenya. I am  13 years old. I prefer the name Peter because it is a popular name and also an official name. I am in grade 7 studying in St. Christopher’s school Nanyuki.I like playing basketball and some times doing some exercises. my passion is playing Basketball. My gift is drawing. if I had a job right now it would be flying airplanes because it is a dream that I have always wanted to pursue. when I want to relax is listening to music.  my best friend’s name is Leonel  Kabugi we attend the same school he is the tallest boy in our class 7south my role model is Silvia she really inspired me to helping people and giving them opportunities. my best team in football is manchester city and my best player is Sergio Aguero.


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  1. Hi peter,
    First of all your last is pretty popular 🙂 i like how you are passionate about playing basketball. I also have a lot of my friends play it too. I’ve tried playing it too, but i always miss the net it’s probably because I’m short.

    I also like your passion for Flying aeroplane. It is indeed a hard career, but nothing is impossible because in the word “impossible” stand “I’m possible” 🙂🙂

  2. Hi Peter, great to see you like being active and playing basketball, a lot of my friends play it and it seems like it takes a lot of skill. I would love to see some of your drawings, what do you like to draw? I think flying airplanes would be an amazing job with a lot of responsibility but being able to go so many places would be amazing. Someday I would like to travel to many places like Europe and Africa. When you relax what type of music do you like listening to? I personally like listening to classical when I am doing homework or when I am trying to take a nap. Hope you have a great week!

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