Mary wairimu

my name is Mary Wairimu .I was born in September 2007 .I am in saint Christopher’s school Nanyuki. I am in grade 7cenral. I am in a family of six siblings. I am sponsored by PA- moja of which am glad  hobby is to skipping the rope and my talent is dancing and singing

About the new school, the teachers are friendly and we love them. my performance in school is getting better than the recent school Baptist . I joined the girls team that has the title saint girl team Nanyuki. I am the best player in the girls football team.

At home, I take responsibility very well like cooking, washing dishes etc.




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  1. Hello Mary,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new school and being on the football team sounds very exciting. I always wish I participated in more sports as a kid and joined a team. I also would like to say I have a talent for dancing and singing and did dance classes for over 11 years at Lindbjerg Academy of Performing arts. Do you like a specific type of dance and music to sing? You seem like a very helpful daughter by taking responsibility for the dishes and cooking. Keep up the great work, I would love to hear more about you! Have an amazing day!

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