denis mburu

My name is Denis Mburu  . Aged  18 born in 2002  may date 5 . I school in Tigithi  boys high school .I live in Nanyuki Kenya .am sponsored by PA-moja .I am from a family of six siblings . My  passion is  singing ,my talent playing course is to become a chef. I love my family and friends . I love discussion group , that is mostly associating with people.


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  1. Hi Denis,
    Welcome to the butterfly effect! I recently joined it too. It’s amazing how you have 6 siblings, how does it work between you guys? Do you ever get in fights? 🙂 Because I have a younger brother and we get into fights over every little thing. Oh, and making food for a career is amazing. I personally love food but don’t know how to cook all the different types of foods :(. Anyways, it was nice to read from you.

  2. Hi Denis!
    So nice to hear from you! I live in Vancouver and can slightly relate to having six siblings. I have six half siblings but I don’t see them so I wouldn’t understand the living with them aspect. I love singing and cooking and I’ve taken both cooking and singing classes in the past. What is your favourite song to sing and what is your favourite dish to cook? I have a feeling the type of food you make is a lot different from the dishes I like to make. My favourite dish to make is probably taco’s! It’s very easy and kind of healthy! Hope your are doing well and we can get to know even more about you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Denis,
    Happy Belated Birthday!!! Unfortunately, it is 1:28 am in Vancouver and I missed your birthday, but welcome to Butterfly Effect! As an only child, I’ve always wanted a sibling and I think it’s pretty cool that you have 6. Also, a chef is a very interesting career, so what’s your favourite meal to cook? Personally, I love to eat, but I’m not much of a chef so I probably should pick up some skills. Anyways it’s nice to meet you and once again a warm welcome. 🙂

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