Self Reflection #2


Hope everyone is still staying safe and is enjoying time with each of your families!

  • What is something you did for your body?

From my last reflection until now I have continued to do a workout every day to ensure that my body is moving. Not every workout for me has to be weights or be of high intensity. If I’m not doing weights I’m probably going on a walk with my family or even just a light jog. Another thing that has stuck with me since the last reflection is my eating habits. I’m not on a strict diet by any means but I will stop myself if I find that what I’m could be substituted with something easier. Example if I want candy, I can get the same sort of satisfaction with some strawberries and honey. With this habit now being an everyday I can really see that in fuller longer and I’m not feeling fluffy or heavy at the end of the day.

  • What is something you did for your mind?

This is something that works for both your body and your mind but for me I think it’s more of a mind activity. There are many videos that you can find on the internet from yoga instructors that cannot teach in their studio right now so it’s makes it nice and accessible. So for my mind I have being doing some yoga here and there. Yoga is the sort of thing that relaxes your mind and makes you really focus on what you’re doing with yourself, your breathing etc. So far I’m really enjoying it, takes me away from other stresses. Something else I’ve started doing is journaling, writing down my thoughts, my ups and downs of the days or week. This past year of high school I think that I have distanced myself from any people and friends and I feel that I don’t have anyone to really vent to other than  my parents and for myself keeping so many things piling up in my head makes me go crazy. So by writing down everything it’s a way of getting that anger and frustration out of my system and helps me to move on and be happy.

  • What is something you did for your happiness?

These past weeks have been hard on me I have been away from a person that I used to really depend on a lot for my happiness and it’s been hard to adapt that they aren’t by my side every day anymore. I have been trying for the last week to really find what makes me happy trying crafts and baking trying to see what my new hobby could be. I’ve really been trying to become more independent so that I’m not waiting all day for this person to finally be able to talk to me since they also have their own things to do. If any of you guys have suggestions what I can try doing or what are your guy’s favourite things to do right now leave a comment!

  • What is something you did for someone else?

My youngest sister is only in grade 3 and being so much younger she needs more help to complete her school work. My mom has been the main person to help her but let’s be honest she doesn’t have the best patience. When I can see that my mom is starting to get frustrated I’ll swing in so that my sister doesn’t end up crying. This not only helps my sister it also helps my mom because she’ll now get a break to either go get a snack, cook, or just relax. Lastly something that hasn’t changed since the last time is that I’m still calling my grandma during the week so that she doesn’t think that we forgot about her.

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