Self Reflection #2

Hello, this is my second self reflection.

What is something you did for your body?

In the past week, I started working out more intensely. Before, I let myself take breaks often during the hour of working out, but I started doing more exercises that are out of my comfort zone. This started when I read a Victoria’s Secret model’s workout routine and combining it with my own. Typically, I warm up for 10 minutes doing jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks and jump squats. Then, I alternate between plank, one-leg glute bridges, sit-ups, donkey kicks, reverse lunges with knee lifts, Russian twists and side plank. Ever since isolation started, I started to learn more about working out and different exercises. I used to go to the gym three times a week, but it was always the same routine and I didn’t do any research.

What is something you did for your mind?

I started taking skincare more seriously and I’m very happy that I did because my skin is a lot less dull and dry. I tried out some homemade face masks and experimenting with a drawer full of essential oils my mom has collected. I also integrated a routine in my day that I’ve been following. I wake up at 8 to shower, eat breakfast and get ready for the day. The number of classes I have changes every day so I do my homework and play my ukulele in between. I typically workout during my English class because my teacher gives out zero valuable information and I would much rather spend that time doing something productive. At 3, I do my piano and around 5, I go out on a walk with either a family friend or my neighbour. I come home at 9:30, finish whatever I need to finish and send my friends weird snaps (Ellen can confirm this). I try to be asleep by 12 but sometimes I like to take a hot bath for three hours and on those days, I go to sleep around 2am.

What is something you did for your happiness?

First of all, having a social interaction with someone really helps because I am Romanian and it’s in my blood to be social. I’ve also stopped taking most things seriously like school, piano and drama. Not that I stopped caring but, I’ve been more relaxed ever since I got my report card. I’m doing pretty well in school and don’t see the need to stress over everything. As for drama, something new happens every day and I just accept it for what it is. Other than that, I’ve been listening to Lana Del Rey’s entire discography which makes me a little bit sad, but it also gives me a carefree attitude.

What is something you did for someone else?

I haven’t been the most generous lately. The most I’ve done is babysit my little cousin when my aunt and uncle couldn’t watch him. I’ve been spending more time with my mom just rambling about random things like politics and my amazon cart. My goal for the next reflection we do is to have a legitimate answer for this question.

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