Self Reflection #2

Hi everyone!

Here’s my second reflection during this quarantine! I hope everyone is currently staying safe and healthy!

1.) What is something you did for your body? 

In case you have not read my previous reflection, I have a home gym in my basement. So, since my last reflection, I’ve continued to try and use it daily and possibly go on a walk as well.  However, after a while, my routine was getting rather repetitive and honestly got kind of boring, thus making me lose some motivation.  Quite a few of my friends have been trying the Chloe Ting program, so I’ve decided to give it a try, and it’s been going great! I like how it’s a different routine every day, rather than the same exercises over and over again. 

2.) What is something you did for your mind? 

Lately for my mind, I’ve been going walks around my neighborhood, while still making sure I keep my distance.  It’s funny though because my dog always wants to go see the other people, but I have to make sure we keep our distance. However, the walks have proven to be good for helping me clear my mind and keep a sense of sanity.  Online school has honestly been so draining and more than actual school in my opinion, so going for walks after working on my computer for hours at a time has been very effective for me, I feel.  Furthermore, as a senior, we’ve been having to reflect about our future a lot more now since the deadline to accept university offers is approaching quickly. I’ve found that these mind clearing walks really help me think about what it is that I want and reflect on what my future could become.  

3.) What is something you did for your happiness? 

Lately for happiness, I have beeFaceTiming and texting my friends a lot lately. As the days go by, every day becomes a little harder not seeing them since I am very close with a few of my friends. Therefore calling each other and texting has been really efficient in making sure we keep our connection. I co lead a club at school called Social Club and everyone has agreed we do not want to stop having meetings. Our club is mostly practicing our French as we play games or even just talk about our lives. Since technically we do not need to meet physically for the meetings, we’ve figured we could easily just have meetings over group video calls. So once a week, we’ve been having our meetings and honestly, they’re so fun. We usually stay on call for hours, late into the night which is great fun for all of us.  

4.) What is something you did for someone else? 

To help out my parents, I’ve been trying to be helpful around the house. Before the quarantine, I would have basic tasks I would do for them, such as washing dishes, sweeping, and just cleaning the house in general. I continue to do so of course, but now I’ve been learning how to cook various meals and I’ve been just cleaning around a lot more and doing more household tasks.  Additionally, when my mom is off of work, I try to help her with whatever it is that she’s doing. For an example, she doesn’t usually bake; however, there was this recipe for scones that a friend recommended to her and she wanted to give a try. With all this free time I’ve been having, I’ve been actually doing a lot of baking myself. Therefore, I tried to help with the scones. They actually turned out really good! 


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  1. Hi Rhea,
    Great reflection post!
    I’ve actually never heard of the Chloe Ting program until I saw you and a couple of others talking about it in their reflection, but it sounds interesting so maybe I’ll give it a try! I also have a gym in my basement… but it’s a communal gym since I live in an apartment building as you know, so it’s closed and the only equipment I have is kettle bells and a chin up bar. Therefore, my workouts have been quite repetitive and I have been losing some motivation too, so it would be nice to try something new. One thing I recommend is to not only do workouts, but to do stretching as well, as you don’t want to be strong but inflexible. It’s also relaxing for your muscles and your mind I find.
    Keep up the good work!

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