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A written documentation of your daily experience.

Hi, my name is Simone. I have been, like many of us stuck at home, due to this pandemic. I have been finding it very difficult. Like so many of us we had plan for spring break, when I found out that my plans were going to have to be possibly postponed I was disappointed but i kept up high hopes. I did what I could to make the best of it, I still tried to get outside as much as I could and to hang out with friends but at safe distances. After spring break, the 1st few days were very tough for me. I originally could not log into the app that our school provided us and became stressed. I did not know what I was to be doing and missed some virtual classes. Not being able to go do the activities I love, did not help. All of my sports and training was postponed. I am an active person and love to be in the sun, but i know that if we all stay safe and continue with this, it will be over sooner. This is just my small part of this story that millions are experiencing. I have always appreciated the people I have met and being able to go and hang out with them, but it has definitely made me want to be with people more then I have ever. I find the best way for me to keep myself from not dying of boredom is to call my friends, go for a drive somewhere, do exercise – whether that was outside (safely) or in my garage, playing video games, playing with my dog, it kept me feeling happy and still myself. I started off staying in bed till around 11:30 sleeping, maybe watching movies or reading. After a while i started to draw more then I used to. What I did find though is even though I had so much time on my hands, I did not feel motivated to do any of my homework. This might be because I was at home and it did not feel like he environment to do it in. My mom helped me to get into a routine, having a certain amount of time to be doing homework and then time to chill and maybe eat ice cream! Even with a routine I find it helpful to still mix it up, so its not always the same. Throw a day in there were you have a pillow fight with a sibling!

I realize that compared to some, I have been lucky! My family can still afford things we need and are not feeling over stressed. This entire experience has made me appreciate the small things I could do, for example, going to the store to get milk, or walking along the sidewalk past people. In a funny way to more, I have noticed that people are actually almost more calm, I don’t see people rushing everywhere, a stern expression on there face, people are taking the time to wash their cars, and do some yard work. People might have done this before, but for me ive noticed I have become more aware as well. For all the terrible things covid-19 has caused for so many people, it has done good as well. For example, the environment. That is what I have been trying to focus on the most. The good and the new things I can do. As well as to discover things you really enjoy, I found so many songs that i really like but never heard before, I have also found that I enjoy playing the guitar. I have done exercise to keep myself in shape, which has also made me feel happier with myself and better about things going on, around the world.


8:15 – woke up for my chemistry class at 8:30

8:30 – chemistry call, ate a big bowl of cereal

9:00 – A.P class call

10:00 – played a video game, and called a friend

10:30 – 12:00 – did random things, some dishes, some homework, went on my phone

12:30 – I ate lunch, which was basically energy bar. I also called a friends and chatted for a while, listening to music and talking about school.

1:45 – Finished typing up an essay and sent it to my teacher. Then started working on Chemistry, while listening to music.

Inbetween 2:15 – 3:30 – I talked to friends, sat in a chair staring at my sleepy dog, worked on chem and read and drew.

Around 4:30 – I began to work on music sheets for piano. This is the homework for my piano class. 1 of the things I had to do was also pick a new song to learn to play. I spend most of my time doing this! haha

5:45 – Piano class    (after class I practiced what I learnt)

Around 6:30- 45 –   I looked through my email, mostly school related topics.

7:30 – 8:00 – made dinner, ate around 8:30

9:30 – started a movie with family and ate ice cream!!

Around 11:30- went to bed

My days are not the same, this schedule changes throughout the week but my most focused schedule is the school aspect. I always have to give myself the time to do my homework. But what I find and what I recommend is that people  get out of the house and maybe go for a walk somewhere exclusive. Be in the moment and find something you love and build on it! I hope you all stay safe and healthy.



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