Quarantine Self Reflection

1.) What is something you did for your body? 

Since quarantine has started, I’ve made it my goal to exercise every day, so my body stays healthy and it does not fall out of routine, as before this, I would go on walks regularly. I’m also a basketball player, and the spring season has been cancelled so I won’t be getting exercise regularly through that either. I’m fortunate enough that in my basement, we have a small home gym. It has a treadmill along with dumbbells that vary in weight. I have yoga mats too which makes it easy to do exercises or yoga as well. So, majority of the time, I find myself using the gym as a way to be active. I also happen to live in an area where a few parks and trails are close by, making it easy to go on walks. I usually use my gym during the weekdays, but on the weekends when my parents aren’t working, we go on walks together.  Even so, every day, I’ve been trying to do a variety of those activities. It’s been very nice outside during this quarantine, so going on walks is honestly so nice with the sun. I have a trampoline in my yard as well, so when it’s nice out, I sometimes go there as another way to be active.   

2.) What is something you did for your mind? 

Recently, I went through my closet and went through and reorganized it. I haven’t organized my clothes in a while, so it was nice to go through it. I found a lot of clothing that I either forgot about or just could not find, which honestly was nice. I set aside old clothes that I will later donate and by doing so, I felt good about because I knew it would be going to someone who is less fortunate eventually. Another thing I have done is that I have been reading a lot more. I’ve always enjoyed reading, I just didn’t have as much time before since most my life was a cycle of waking up, going to school, then sports or other activities I was doing after school, then doing homework – which I could often do for hours on end. And by the end of it, I would be so exhausted and just go to bed. So, having more time to read has been really refreshing for mind since I did a read a lot when I didn’t get as much as homework.  Lastly, online school has really made me realize how much I miss actual school. It’s been good for my mind to reflect on how much we took school for granted and how it really is sad that we can’t go.  


3.) What is something you did for your happiness? 

For myself, I’ve been making sure I stay connected with my friends. I’ve been talking on the phone or been on Facetime with my friends regularly since we cannot see each other physicallyIn all honesty, the worst part for me about this quarantine is not being able to see people I used to see very often, and even on a daily basisEven when we don’t have calls, we text a lot which has been another good way to stay connected. In one club I’m apart of with my friends at school, we’ve decided that we want to stay connected. Therefore, it was arranged for us to have Microsoft Teams page created just for the club and we will be having regular Teams meeting. I feel that is something that has contributed to my happiness a lot. Another thing is that, since I’ve been home, I’ve gotten to spend a lot more time with my dog and have gotten to play with him more. I even taught him a new trick which he has been getting the hand of very easily.  

4.) What is something you did for someone else? 

I am fortunate enough that both my parents are still able to keep their jobs during this pandemic as my mom is an essential worker and my dad can work from home. Therefore, my dad is in his home office all day working and my mom’s at work. So, I’ve taken it upon me to try and do more cooking for them since they are busy with their work, and I have a lot more time now. I’ve been cooking dinner a lot lately, trying new recipes and whatnot. I’ve also done some baking just to pass time which has been fun as well.  Another thing, I’ve been doing is calling my grandparents as much as I can to make sure they’re doing well. They have quite a big house and even before the quarantine, it was hard for them to keep it clean as well as go out to go grocery shopping. And since they are more at risk, we’ve been making sure that their groceries are delivered to them in a non-contact way.  

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  1. Hi Rhea,

    Super cute photo of Zane! I hope you’ve both been healthy and safe during this difficult time.

    I agree with you that it’s super important to stay connected with friends and family. I’m super glad that we were able to set up Teams for our club!

    Furthermore, it’s great how many things you are doing for your mind. Going through your closet and sorting out items for donations is an awesome activity to do. As you know, I had planned to go to Senegal this year and amassed many clothing donations myself. Although these donations may not be going where they were intended, I can still connect with you on that level. It’s important to connect with our values during this time. Thus, great job on highlighting this fact!


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