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When I first started my project I was geared towards an action project but due to current events I will not be able to complete my action. I have made the decision to switch my project to a more inquiry based project, however I will still be following in the same path of dentistry as I was with my action. My question is “How does dental hygiene affect the rest of your body?”

1st round of research: In my first round of research I will be looking into what sort of day to day dental hygiene you should be doing i.e. brushing your teeth. Many may seem straight forward and there may even be some that we forget to do.

2nd round of research: In my second round of research I will be looking into what is typically done wrong, what we either forget or possibly if you do something too much what damage that may cause i.e. brushing harder doesn’t make your teeth any cleaner.

3rd round of research: In my final round of research I will be looking into misconceptions about our dental health (possible myths) and disease that may be caused by poor dental hygiene. Diseases that start in the mouth but could cause problems in other areas if not treated.

Some links to help with my research:


If you think about our community in the lower mainland, most of us know or and go to the dentist as we should for cleanings every 6 months. At young ages we are taught to brush our teeth floss etc. so that we don’t get cavities. However, think of other places around the world that may not have access to the dentist and don’t have the typical routine of brushing morning and night. From this research I hope to help not only individuals close to me to practice proper dental hygiene but to help others around the world to start practicing proper dental hygiene. During my research I also believe that I will learn a few thing about dental health which will help me in the future wanting to pursue being a dental hygienist myself.

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  1. Hi Kaia! I really enjoyed reading your project plan and I think you have an absolutely fantastic research topic! I have always wondered about how my dental health really affected my overall health and it will be very interesting to read your future posts. You might also find it intriguing to look into the evolution of dental hygiene over the years and how the public relation with it has changed.

    Some sources you could use are:

  2. Hey Kaia!

    I think your project plan sounds great! I especially like how it lines up with your own future career interests. I think it’ll be great for you to do an inquiry that you’re passionate about and for us, the readers, to learn some new things about our daily dental hygeine.

    I also really appreciate how you mentionned that in a lot of other places, people don’t have the same luxuries as we do when it comes to having toothbrushes, dentists, etc. I think it would be perticularily interesting if you looked into what other measures can be taken instead of our traditional dental hygeine ideas for those who may not have access to these items.

    Here are some sources that may be of interest to you:

    Great job and good luck!

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