Self-Reflection- body, brain, happiness, helping others

1.) What is something you did for your body?


For my body I have been running three times a week, working out three times a week, and doing yoga once a week. I make sure that I take care of myself. When I was going to school and work, I only had time to go for runs every day but now that I have a lot more time, I can learn new ways to exercise. For example, right after each run, I do a quick core workout and stretch/roll out for a lot longer than I did when I had school and work. I have also been going walks with my dog to keep us both active. I find that tracking my activity levels motivates me to do more activity. For example, I use Nike+ Run to track my runs. On that app they have a feature that allows you to unlock ranks as you rack up kilometres. This reminds me how much work I’ve put into running and keeps me going.


2.) What is something you did for your mind?


For my mind I have been journaling every day. I basically write my plans for the day and anything that comes to mind. I structure my day by doing a workout, something productive, something that makes me happy, and my basic responsibilities. I have also been meditating. I usually meditate right before journaling because it’s a lot easier to write when my mind is calm. Sometimes meditation feels pointless because I’m so bored that nothing is going through my mind, but I know that this is honestly the most crucial time for meditation. The last thing I do for my mind is get outside. Going for walks and seeing nature really helps my mood when I’m feeling down. If I can’t go for a walk, I’ll sit on the balcony and sit in the sun or watch the sunset. Watching the sunset reminds me of summer and an overall better time.


3.) What is something you did for your happiness?


For my happiness I have been trying to be creative and productive. Since I’m spending so much time in my house I decided to reorganize and redecorate it. Doing this made me more comfortable and happier in my house because I could enjoy the décor and the lack of clutter. Next, I picked up old hobbies. I finally finished a painting I had been working on for over a year because I finally had the time. Painting was frustrating but, in the end, I felt accomplished (after 23 hrs of work!). I am also working on an old drawing. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s getting there and I’m really happy with it so far. Another thing that I did for my happiness was organize my music and try and get new music. Music has a big effect on me and when it’s not in check, I don’t feel right. It was messed up since midway through first semester, but I finished fixing it around a week and a half ago and I feel really great about it. Lastly, I’ve been face-timing my friends every day and even watching movies with them. It’s definitely harder to communicate without being face to face but with really good friends I can adapt and enjoy my time with them no matter where we are.



4.) What is something you did for someone else?


For others I have been making sure to check in on my friends and ask how they are doing. I have also been taking a lot more responsibility at home because my mom is a nurse and is quite stressed right now. I have also been bringing food to my aunt who is also very stressed at this time because she has lung and heart problems. Lastly, I have been trying to find creative ways to bring my friends together. For example, a few nights ago I found a site where you can play cards online. That brought the group together a bit and we shared some laughs.

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  1. Hey Shieva!

    Great relfection! It was really cool to read that you and I wrote similar things in our posts. We’ve both picked up old hobbies again and are motivating ourselves to be active which are both awesome. I noticed you said you’ve been meditating once a week in your “body” section. Considering this related back to your inquiry project, it might be interesting to talk about your experience with meditation during quarantine. I know personally I’d love to hear about that.

    Overall, great job!

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