How many people are too many? (Inquiry Project #2)

Hello everyone, I am Joshua Vas and my 2nd inquiry project is how many people are too many?

Currently, the world population is at 7.7 billion people and is rising…fast! and current statistics say that for every death, there are three new births and while life is the most precious thing in the world, how do we sustain it? This is a question that you never see the news try to answer, world leaders try to shy away from having a solution to this problem. You always see leaders having plans to control carbon emissions, get the economy rising, and make some country great again but the rising population of the planet seems to become an even bigger issue than ever before. Hollywood and popular media have certainly teased their ways of trying to solve the issue whether it be Thanos snapping his fingers to restore balance, the Hunger Games, or maybe aliens taking over the world exterminating people. And while scientists say that the ecosystem is a delicate balance of things, how many people does it really take to offset this balance and collapse nature unto the very foundation of itself?

1st research round: On my first research round I will be taking a look at the effects of overpopulation on our modern world and what countries (especially China, India, and the USA since they are the three most populated countries) are currently trying to tackle this issue. I may also wander into the effects that the rapid population growth may have on animals who share the land with us.

2nd research round: In this research round, I will analyze the rate of people in this world and compare the population of people to the population of other animals and take a closer look at the effects we have on animals and nature.

3rd research round: I will save the hardest round for last, while I try to find some solutions whether it is technologically possible or not. I will also look at the moral dilemma that some of these solutions are posing and possible ways to solve our crisis. I will also be analyzing the pros and cons of these solutions.

Here are some sources to help get me started on the topic:


Personal thoughts:

Up until this research round, I didn’t really care too much about overpopulation. I really started to get concerned when my grandmother told me about the situation over in India. In India, it turns out that overcrowding is such a big problem that buses usually lean and are full of people that some take the dangerous risk of leaning on the sides of the bus and market places are full of people making it a very easy place to pickpocket and disappear without getting caught, poverty is also quite rampant where my grandmother lives. As I look through the news and current events, governments never really talk about overpopulation, going green and improving the economy seems to be the priority of every single government and no one really addresses overpopulation which really worries me. While people seem to be stressing the importance of life which is fairly true, no one seems to be talking about overpopulation which I feel is becoming the “elephant in the room” in which only a few are currently addressing.


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  1. Hi Josh,

    Yes! The numbers of the increasing population is quite frightening. It causes us to wonder about the environment, costs of things as well as just resources. This is a very interesting topic! Population and whether it is rising or falling in size could very well determine the future for many aspects in our day to day lives.

    Here are some links that could help you with your future posts:

    I look forward to your future posts!
    Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

  2. Hi Josh,

    The numbers sound really alarming! I feel like every (current) solution to overpopulation is controversial or ineffective. So one thing I think you should be aware of when you do your research to find a solution is that the solution needs to be accepted by the public. People’s ideologies aren’t going to change because they want to help the greater good because people are in it for the short life. They don’t think about how compromise is essential; they solely want a nice life. I think we weren’t overpopulated a while ago when society was building its standards (meaning people could use all the resources they wanted and have a lot of children), but now we are so that means our standards should change.

    Here are some hopefully helpful links

    Good luck!

  3. Hi josh!

    This is a really interesting topic and inquiry project to look into! The world’s population has been exponentially growing since the 1950s and continue to do so currently. I really liked how you planned out your ideas for the three research rounds, it sets a firm run down for later research and is a critical skill when it comes to doing bigger research projects. May I suggest for your hardest last round to look into current population control strategies than governments are using and assess them and how you can modify them into your own solutions (perhaps maybe discuss the one child policy in China or how authorities in Pakistan encourage women to have kids 36 month apart or more).
    Good luck with the rest of your research project and I look forward to reading more!

  4. Hello Josh, great idea for an inquiry project. I don’t think that anyone else has done this (I may be wrong), but great job on finding an interesting topic that hasn’t been done. I beleive that the estimated carrying cappacity of the world when it comes to the human population is around 11 billion people. You may want to talk about how the human population is growing and if it is really growing that fast. I know that the human population has been growing at an accelerated rate, but I also know that we have hit a plateau when it comes to growth in our population. You may want to research in for your next post.

    Here is a link that may help:

  5. I see what you’re saying and it’s quite informative. I’m curious to see how you’ll respond to your questions, as I’m not even sure how we can fix overpopulation. But I like what you are doing and I think your links will help you. If I can help at all I think these links will further your research.
    Good luck and keep going!

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