Action step 2 Mariana Cardenas

So after watching the Ted talk, I learnt a few new things that I never really thought about.

I am still on the “narrowing down” part for my topic, since its such a big and broad one. I have decided to look at how police forces are corrupt specifically, and that will help me simplify it. The lesson “everything is complicated”. What I got form that lesson is that nothing that is good will come easy, and that no dream will get accomplished without any struggle. Some ways my projects could be complicated are

  1. The research, because there can be so much bias or even censorship that it might be hard to really find what the c ore problems are.
  2. With the research, its the connections I need to make, between the situation in Colombia and the situations in other places like Kenya for example.
  3. And lastly I think that connecting with people, and sending my message and making sure that it goes through might be hard, since in Canada, this problems aren’t so “close to home” so some people might have a hard time relating to the problem.

I believe that this action is sustainable if I narrow it down to something more specific other than just CORRUPTION. The actual projects I want to do is a video where I get different insights on what corruption is and show what people know about it and maybe fact check some myths about corruption. I want to share that video on the web and hopefully its seen by many people, therefore making a bigger impact. I will make sure that this projects has a good impact by making sure I provide good ways to solve what would be considered corruption when it’s in a smaller scale. By educating people on this topic is enough to make some sort of impact.

The person I will firstly go to is my mother, Carolina Rondeau. She is very passionate about corruption as well and the has knowledge about how the law works in Colombia because she is a lawyer. My mom has done  lot of research and she knows what the current situation is and she is really good at researching so she has already helped me a little with my research.

Hopefully I can connect with someone else who knows how the situation is in other places like Kenya itself. That way I can get different perspectives and can compare how corruption is in different places and find common factors.

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  1. Hi Mariana,

    Your topic is a very important one. i think people don’t like to talk about corruption because of how bad it has gotten and how integrated it is into the systems we already have in place. Your idea to put a video out is good because social media is very fast pace and uncontrollable meaning the video can get to many people without you being silenced. For example, how people protesting out in the world can be arrested. I think educating the public about corruption is very important, but you could also include your own views on corruption in the video. Maybe include (if there are any) specifics about where you mainly want to focus on because targeting one place to make change is definitely easier than everywhere that has corruption.

    Good luck with the project!

  2. This is a very interesting topic, one that I would never have thought of; mainly because I’ve never been there and really only heard about Venezuela. I think your research rounds will be very informative and I look forward to reading you future posts. Here’s some links I think might be useful to get you started. Good luck!

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