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Hi everyone! 

Welcome back to another Action Post. For those joining for the first time, I lead a club called Miracle Movement. The goal of our club is to raise awareness on pediatric health. We do this by initiating campaigns and hosting small fundraisers in support of BC Children’s Hospital. 

Even so, Miracle Movement has also been facing different successes. We recently got our end of the year event approved by Ms. Weeks. It’s set to be on May 22nd afterschool. Our meetings to plan this event have been efficient. In our last meeting, we were able to solidify the roles each member will have in our event. We divided each job into four different categories: Advertisement, Decorations, Sponsorship and Performers. Each duty is self-explanatory but very important. For example, for advertisement, the tasks that people signed up to oversee are to supervise the posters that get put up, contacting the office for announcements, etc. For Decorations, they will oversee planning the decor on the day of the event. For sponsorship, their job will be to contact different potential shops around our community that may be interested in donating to our event. Last year, we were able to get a gift basket from Purdy’s, boxes of cinnamon rolls from Cinnzeo, etc. Finally, for performers, people who signed up for this duty will oversee contacting performers/speakers from around our community to come and do a performance or speak on their story from BC Children’s Hospital. To clarify, although these students oversee it, it doesn’t mean that they will have to make the advertisements themselves. All club members will participate in each category. 😊 Another success that came for our meetings are the ideas our group members have to make this event a success. For example, we’ve been discussing new ways to promote our event. Some members think it’ll be a good idea to turn the event into a karaoke event or sell raffle tickets. Nonetheless, we’ve also been planning a bake sale. Some successes that we’ve faced with that is getting the members of the club involved and having the event approved.  

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However, there are also some difficulties. For our end of the year event, we’ve sent out multiple emails to different shops around our community. So far, we’ve haven’t gotten any responses back. Even so, the process of getting a response back does take a long time; consequently, it currently isn’t a big speedbump in our planning for the end of the year event.  We’re also halfway sending the emails through our list, so finishing this task will take more time. We’ve also faced some difficulties in maintaining a constant amount of people to come to our meetings. About 10 people showed up at our previous meeting, and we’re working on attempting to implement strategies to increase the number of regular members. To overcome this, we’re continuing to send out DM reminders to the club. 

In our next meeting, we’re discussing our bake sale because it’s coming up soon during Parent Teacher Interviews on March 12th! We’ll also be discussing our upcoming schedule for planning the year end event as there are many aspects (such as finding sponsors) that take a long time.  

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  1. Hi Alison,

    Sounds like you are having a great success with this movement. Love you guys are all doing equal work so that everyone is involved. Looking forward to hearing how its going and the more successes that come.

    Talk soon!

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