Inquiry project plan – Why and how we should help restore coral reefs

So for this semester, I decided to go with an inquiry project. I’ve always wanted to look into coral reefs, so I figured it would be a great topic for me! After much thought and consideration, I have decided to focus on the problems facing coral reefs and the potential solutions. I think I’ve split my research pretty well, and I’m excited to get started! Here is my project plan:

Post one – why?

In my first post, I’m going to look into specifically why coral reefs are disappearing, because in order to find a solution, you need to understand the problem.

Post two – how?

In my second post, I will look at different potential solutions to the problem, and explain how they work.

Post three – sustainable?

In my third and last post, I will discus why or why not I believe the solutions are sustainable actions that we can carry out, and where I think we should go from there.

That’s it! My plan may change depending on what I learn, and I’d be happy to receive any advice from you!

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  1. Hi Jasmine,

    I absolutely love your inquiry project, no seriously! If I wasn’t doing an action project, I would totally want to look into this!! I am already so interested to see what you find! I love learning about the environment and different biomes and the risks and challenges different environments face. When I was in Grade 10, I did an inquiry on the Mojave Desert where I discovered tons about Joshua Trees and the importance they have in allowing the Mojave desert to sustain itself. This is part of the reason why I love your topic because it too looks into a specific environment as well.

    I agree with what you said in your post, your project plan and rounds of research are split up quite well, and I like how you addressed each round with the “Why, How, Sustainable?” and then you went on to briefly explain each round in a little more detail.
    To expand on your third round, when you are discussing whether or not the solutions you find are sustainable, I think it would be very beneficial to specifically look at the cost of these solutions as well, because most of the time, this is one of the big reasons why solutions created by scientists and researchers for these types of problems cannot be carried out to their full extent because there is a lack of funds required.

    But besides that, awesome job, and I cannot wait to see what you research and discover!!

    -Madison Ciulla

    Below I have included some websites to help you in your research!

    • Hi Madison!

      I’m almost at the end of my research, and I just wanted to thank you for your very helpful comment. I never thought of how the cost of the solution could impact it’s sustainability, and it’s been a very interesting thing to research!

      Thank you,
      Jasmine P

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