How much is too much to forgive?

Sunnie Kim (Grade 9)

My inquiry question is: “How much is too much to forgive?”

This question is of interest to me for I had gone through relationship problems and people have different points of view as to what is much too hard to forgive. Forgiveness was a hard thing for me to do as I always wanted strong and happy relationships with my family and friends.

My research

I want my first round of research to be about what forgiveness is and how other people have broken down those walls of whatever they were going through to make new walls. I plan on finding stories of people who have forgiven other people, under hard circumstances. I want to introduce people to different opinions on forgiveness.

My second round of research will be about stories of forgiveness around the world. The religious views of redemption and how it affects religious believers. I plan on selecting a variety of stories from very different countries with very different opinions. I also would like to interview people that I know personally and help them share their own opinions of forgiveness and how far they would be able to forgive.

My final round of research will be about the benefits of forgiveness and how it can lead to consequences. Why many people choose not to forgive in certain situations and how they deal with the past. I plan on using my stories from my second round of research as references.

My question will help other people by teaching the different opinions of forgiveness and how to deal with situations with another person. I hope it helps them realize that forgiveness is an important aspect of relationships and learning about the subject is also important.




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  1. hello Sunnie, great project plan. I think that it is great that you are doing a topic that has never been done before. The one thing i have to say is that you should make sure that the sites you use to research this topic are providing facts, not stories about peoples experiences or opinions. one way that you might be able to avoid this is to talk more about how the psychology of humans works when it comes to forgiveness. By taking a more scientific approach you should be able to avoid opinions on the subject. Besides that I think that this is an amazing subject and I look forward to reading you future posts.

    Here are some sources that may help:

  2. Hi Sunnie,
    This is a really interesting topic and one that no one has really done before in this class. In order to get at the idea of how much is too much, I wonder if you should look into different levels of trauma that are inflicted by people. I don’t want it to get too dark, but just to see where forgiveness can be challenging.
    I agree with Cynthia that you will have to be very careful with your sources. You need to ensure that they are reputable and not just people’s opinions. I’m a bit nervous about a couple of the 5 you have listed. Please stop by and see me if you want any help or if you’re unsure of sites that you are wanting to use.
    I’m looking forward to reading your rounds of research and seeing what you discover.

  3. Hi Sunnie,

    Very interesting choice in topic, I have never though about something like this. I think this might be a little difficult in finding much information but you might be able to connect this to things like laws and the aspects of restitution vs retribution. Whether it is better to compensate another for a wrongful action they have committed or is it better to be punished for a wrongful act. I think the last round sounds very interesting and it will be very exciting seeing the benefits of forgiveness and why it might be difficult for certain individuals to forgive. Super excited to see your research in the future.

    -Sienna Saunders

  4. Hi Sunnie!
    I really like your research topic and I think it’s very unique and intriguing. Forgiveness can certainly be tough and also very different for individuals. I especially thought your second post, looking at how religion influences forgiveness, to be very interesting. Religion effecting forgiveness isn’t something I would have thought of before and I’m excited to read that post of yours. For this inquiry question, I think it’s very important to look at multiple sources and lots of diversity as far as the authors of these sources. I feel that many of the sources may be based on personal experience and opinion and it’s important to not get drawn into one persons opinion. I also think it would be cool to look at certain circumstances or traumatic events that occurred in someones life and how that effects their level to forgive. Furthermore, maybe looking into trust would also be interesting. I think with forgiveness, gaining trust also comes into play. Good luck with your research and I look forward to reading more!

    here are some possible websites to help


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