Sienna Saunders – Action Post 1

Sienna Saunders



Values Activity

  1. What are your 3 most important values and your 3 least important values?


Most Important



  • I believe that everyone should have the same opportunities and rights.
  • I believe everyone should be allowed to have different ways of living and thinking.
  • I believe it is important to experience close, ongoing, relationships with others.


  • Tolerance
  • Helping
  • Equality


Least Important



  • I believe that people must understand their own ethical code and stay true to themselves at all times
  • I believe it is important for people to be able to explore the unknown and test limits.
  • I believe it is important to fulfill your commitments.


  • Power
  • Risk
  • Competence


  1. Do you agree with the results? Do you think the statements are good descriptions of the values? Do you think there are some values missing?  What do your 3 important values mean to you?


The three values I chose were Tolerance, Helping and Equality. I believe that these values describe me very well and what is important to me. I felt each value was extremely important but these three are mandatory for a stable and peaceful society. Tolerance can be both negative and positive, depending of the situation and what is being tolerated or not tolerated. It is important to be adaptable and understand when it is the appropriate time use these skills. Helping feels most important to me because I feel I am a very helpful person and I always try my best to help people in every way possible. Opening the door or helping someone put the groceries into their car may seem miniscule but it is a large source of my happiness and feels as a common decency I have to others and the world. Equality, is a value that runs through all other values. We should help quality to all people and use tolerance equally as well. I stated that power is a least important value because it is very easily misused and things become unequal. Equality has been a major challenge for people over many years and it is crucial that this generation be a turning point that can help equality as much as possible.


  1. Can you describe a situation where you put into action one or more of the values most important to you? What was the result?


I love helping people and during last semester I did a lot of that with my action. I volunteered at the homeless shelter, the BC SPCA and went to the downtown east side and prepared served food and helped people contact their loved ones. Although these may seem like large gestures it is also very important to do smaller things. An example of helping that I experienced last week was an elderly couple carrying groceries to their car in front of Thrifty’s so I asked if I could help them. Afterwards they left and though there was no physical reward, I felt happy because I could help them.


  1. Imagine some future situations where you could put your values into action.
    1. Example: Value: Courage:       Future situation: Your friends are teasing a new student. Action: You stand up for the new student, even thought it would be easier not to. This takes courage.
      1. Value:
      2. Future situation


Value: Tolerance

Future situation: Accepting anothers point of view even if I do not feel the same. In a country people coexist that may have different ideas, among all citizens it is possible to get people who have completely opposite positions. Accepting differences is the first step in generating a notion of understanding and understanding, which will lead us to recognize the common goal that exists.

Value: Helping

Future situation: There are so many ways to be helpful to others, like how I helped the elderly couple at thrifty’s, I can continue to do this and other things like opening the door, helping someone carry their bags to their car, paying for someones meal, helping someone pick up something they dropped. There are also larger things like more volunteering that I could participate in.


Value: Equality

Future situation: there are many ways to promote equality like particapting in healthy activism in clubs and on social media by encouraging equality rights. A simpler situation could be standing up for someone that you feel is being put down, bullied or even discriminated because of a something like their race, sexuality, color, etc.

This semester for my action I am going to be focusing on the Global Goal: PEACE , JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS. I chose this goal because I my future I would like to become a criminal defense lawyer and I felt with this Global Goal I can do something that I am very passionate about while helping others. I am going to be shadowing another person who is involved with the criminal justice system who can give me insight on how it works. This will give me the information I need to move on with my action and specify how I am going to take further steps into my action.

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  1. Hi Sienna,

    I like how you are associating your values with your future action project! I also think it is great that you are guiding and gearing it towards what you want to pursue in the future. This will help you get a better understanding of the future job and what your duties will be when you are outside of school, as well as give you early experience!

    Perhaps you could go into more detail about what your goals are that you want to pursue throughout your project in your next post. It sounds very interesting!

    All the best, I look forward to your future posts!
    -Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

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