Meditation Project-Inquiry plan

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post for semester 2. 

 I will be focusing on meditation… 

Could people integrate meditation into their lives and what effects would it have on them? 

This is a topic of interest for me because I often hear students say how stressed they are. I think if people could regularly meditate then they would generally be less stressed. My mom is a psychiatric nurse. She often recommends meditation to her clients because of its benefits and I was wondering how much meditation can help. But what I’m wondering is if mediation can be learned by anyone and if it would help with their problems (whether that’s stress or cloudy thoughts.)  

My three steps 

  1. Can everyone learn to properly meditate?
  1. Is it sustainable?
  1. What effects does meditation have and to what extent can it help? sources 

This question can have implications on others because it can introduce them to the concept of meditation and make them consider using it in their everyday lives. To answer this question, I will need to prove that it’s possible for everyone to meditate. Once people see my evidence, they will be influenced to take on the activity because it will not seem as impossible. They will also want to start meditating because of the effects it has on stress levels. Lots of people stress over things but don’t have their own method of dealing with it. My question will touch on the positive effects of meditation, helping those people. 

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  1. Hey Shieva!
    I completely agree that students are always stressed (myself included), and I am very interested in how your research on meditation may have an impact. I know next to nothing about meditation, but I definitley think it could be able to help stressed students; although, to what extent it will help, I do not know.
    As I know nothing about meditation, I don’t think that I can offer anything you may be able to research, but I do have some possible sources:
    I can’t wait to read your next post!

  2. Hey Shieva!

    I love your topic! Students carry around a lot of stress and I love how you are exploring to find a possible solution to relieving some of it. It’s great that your mom can also help contribute to your research since she is experienced with helping others! I have heard lots of great things about yoga and I would love to see how your research turns out so I can refer to it to see if I should take it up myself! Haha. Perhaps you could look into different types of meditating and how each of them work for different people and mindsets.

    Here are some links that could help with your research:

    Great post! Looking forward to the next one!
    -Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

  3. Hi Shieva,
    Very intriguing topic, as a student I am very guilty of having a lot of stress. My father had lymphoma and is now in remission, throughout his chemo, he felt very exhausted and down but a friend recommended yoga which involves meditation. My father fell in love with yoga and swears by it. He feels much better after yoga and it not only helps him mentally but physically. I am very excited to see your research, maybe you could research some different types of meditating like yoga or more religious type meditating and the different effects they may have. Great plan! Keep it up!

    -Sienna Saunders

  4. Hi Shieva! I absolutely love your topic. We see people everyday that say that they are too stressed and that it is making them anxious and making them lose sleep. I feel that your inquiry project might just convince some people to take that step and start meditating. And that includes me! I’ve always had a hard time trying to meditate, feeling like it is overall a waste of time. But I am looking forward to you changing my mind with your future posts!

    Some resources you might want to use are:

  5. Hi Shieva!

    I think your inquiry is quite interesting! Meditation is something that I’ve always been intrigued by, but it is also something I do not know much about. I believe with an inquiry like this, it is perticularily important to find unbiased sources. From my own experience, people are either very passionately for or against meditation.

    Also, do you have any personal experience with this topic? Maybe you could touch on that as well.

    Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

    Great job!

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