Inquiry Project and Plan

Is there substantial evidence to prove that there have been extraterrestrials on earth?

I love conspiracy theories and one of the most popular ones is that there are aliens. Even more so, that they have been/are on earth.


1: Alien interactions with the military

Having information about the alien interactions with the military can help prove they have been around because most of the videos and photos of UFOs and other unfamiliar objects have been around military sites. This will also help target witnesses of these objects because most of them have worked in the military.

2: Alien interactions with humans

In my opinion, this is the most crucial part of understanding what it means to have a relationship with people from other planets. This can not only prove if they exist but their intentions.

3: Alien interactions with past civilizations

Just like with science, it’s important to analyze the past and discover patterns. It gives insight on how long they’ve been here and how they’ve changed the human race.


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This question has implications for everyone because on some level, it’s on everyone’s mind. Finding alien life on earth or anywhere would change our society. If any conspiracy theories surrounding alien life are true, it would change our perspective on life and the way we function as a society.

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  1. Hey Elisabet,
    I’ve never been very interested in aliens or outer-space, but I do believe that there are aliens and am looking forward to reading your research to see what proof there may be.
    One route that your could take with your research could be comparing what you find to imagined sci-fi alien universes. You could see how accurate or likely our stories’ interpretations and theories really are.
    Here are some sources I hope you find helpful:
    I can’t wait to read your next post,

  2. Hi Elizabet,
    That’s a rather intriguing question! I’ve always wondered how it is that there are so many planets out there and Earth happens to be the only one that has the right conditions for life. Perhaps there is extraterrestrial life on planets in another galaxy that we haven’t discovered yet? I don’t know a whole lot about aliens or space in general, but I don’t believe that there has been any concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life so far. However, there have probably been discoveries that show the possibility of life on another planet in the past, such as on mars. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to look at what scientists are doing in order to develop technology that could lead to new discoveries in areas of the universe that haven’t been explored yet.
    Here are some websites that you may use for your research:
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Elisa,

    Your questions sound good and your steps make sense.

    I think the only thing you should change is the the depth of your main question. Right now your question can solely be answered by researching. I find that it’s helpful to make your question something you need to think about or experiment. For example, instead of “Is there evidence to prove the existence of aliens on earth” you could so something along the lines of ” If there is evidence to prove aliens exist on earth, would they associate with humans in the future?”. Basically extend your question further to integrate your own ideas further into your project.

    Here are some hopefully helpful links

    Good luck!

  4. Hi Elisabet. I am a strong believer in fully sentient life other than humans among other interesting things that keep me awake at night. Unfortunately for my belief though, I haven’t yet seen any evidence that I have found as trustworthy and believable enough to prove that there is indeed fully sentient life other than humans. I hope that your research rounds will finally give me the proof I long for.

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