Inquiry Question / Project Plan – How Does the Educational System Affect Teenagers Mentally?

Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since we last posted with our semester break; however, we are back and ready to start a new cycle. As I previously mentioned in my first inquiry question and project post, I am planning to continue the same inquiry question throughout the entire year which is “How Does the Educational System Affect Teenagers?”. Previously I looked into the physical affects the education system has on teenagers where I discovered the benefits of PE and the cafeteria salad bar as well as the negatives like sitting for hours on end. However, for this cycle, I will be focusing on another important topic: the mental affects.

Why does this question interest you?

Since the beginning of this course, I have always chosen topics revolving around relatable issues to teenagers such as fashion, social media and now the education system. As teenagers who have universities to strive to be admitted to or various personal goals, balancing a healthy personal and a social life is quite difficult. In the back of my mind, I’ve always had my final project based on the education system because I want to highlight the benefits school has provided us as well as the negative aspects that can be improved upon. We grow and learn from feedback and information from others, therefore through this project I hope to influence the education system on student needs.

How will your question affect other individuals in my community?

Personally, I enjoy researching questions that I’m intrigued by but also can benefit others within my community. Although we are at different stages in our lives, grade 9’s adjusting to high school while grade 12’s are seeking their next endeavors, both face similarities in school struggles such as anxiety or stress. Through researching 3 different aspects of personal health mind, body and emotion, I hope to connect and inform others who may be having a difficult time in any of these areas. Time management is hard, people continuously struggle with balancing all their activities; however, together we can persevere and succeed as a group and through this project, I would love to reach out to those who might have the same feelings.

What are your research rounds?

Similarly, to my previous cycle, I will solely be focusing on the mental effects of the education system. By investigating the following research rounds, it will complete the first cycle of my inquiry question. With a basic knowledge of the various issues, the understanding and providing helpful, long term solutions will be greater.

Research Round 1 – Introduction

  • What does mental mean? (definition)
  • How does it differ from emotional?
  • What are some mental issues teenagers face? Why?
  • Statistics / History of teenagers and mental health?

Research Round 2 – Positive Impacts

  • How has school positively impacted teenagers mentally?
    • Available support, presentations, Planning 10, etc
      • How / Why has It impacted students lives? (Educationally, personally)
      • Suggestions on improvements (even though it is successful)

Research Round 3 – Negative Impacts

  • How has the educational system negatively impacted teenagers?
    • Excessive stress, high expectations, lack of balance, etc
      • How / Why has it impacted students’ lives? (Educationally and personally)
      • Suggestions on solutions

Potential Sources

Thank you for reading my post and feedback is always welcome. 🙂

2 Replies to “Inquiry Question / Project Plan – How Does the Educational System Affect Teenagers Mentally?”

  1. Hi Lauren,

    I find this to be such an interesting topic because as teenagers, it’s very common to complain about the amount of homework and how we have to get up so early.

    Good luck researching this!

  2. Hi Lauren. I think many people would agree with me when I say that your topic is very important. Nowadays we see so much misinformation online, especially about teenagers’ mental health and how it is affected by school. I am very much looking forward to reading your research rounds in the near future.

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