Hi guys my sub-topic is on how to stop human and animal conflict.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Avoid feeding wild animals, securely store your garbage, and feed pets indoors to avoid attracting unwanted visitors. Fence in your garden, and plant unpalatable vegetation to discourage browsing. Be prepared – Before camping, hiking, or venturing into natural areas, learn about the animals that you might encounter.the major causes of human wildlife conflict are : The human population growth and expansion, habitat degradation and fragmentation, land use transformation and increasing densities of livestock grazing in protected areas are considered as major causes of man-carnivore conflicts. The types of conflicts encountered are : While there is some disagreement about how many types of conflict are evident in literature, the most commonly accepted number is six different types. These include: Man vs. Self, Man vs. Man, Man vs. Society, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Technology, and Man vs. Fate (or the Supernatural.) .


  1. Hey Simon! Great research round! I like how easy it was to read and that you made it easy to follow along, I really appreciate that . When you were explaining the types of conflicts, I immediately thought about books and how the plot is usually the main character versus any of the categories you mentioned. I like that you addressed that in your research round because it definitely applies in real life too, not just in fiction. Here’s a source to help you out next round –

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    Your post was very informational, and I appreciate how you were so direct in you explanations.
    Here are some sources to help your next round of research:
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