Hello butterfly.I hope you are fine as well as I am.Today I have come with a research that I got from one of us in butterfly effect and is about the simple truth about gender pay gap.

The gender pay gap is the gap between men and women are paid. Most commonly, it refers to the median annual pay of all women who work full time and year-round, compared to the pay of a similar cohort of pay gap is the gap between what men and women are paid. Other estimates of the gender pay gap are based on weekly or hourly earnings, or are specific to a particular group of women.

The gender pay gap is the result of many factors including: occupational segregation, bias against working moth. Additionally, such things as racial bias, disability, access to education, and age come into play. Consequently, different groups of women experience very different gaps in pay.


The gender pay gap varies substantially from state to state, due to such factors as:

  • The primary industries in the state and the opportunities they create;
  • Demographics such as race/ethnicity, age, and education level;
  • Regional differences in attitudes and beliefs about work and gender; and
  • Differences in the scope and strength of state pay discrimination laws and policies.The gender pay gap occurs across almost all occupations and industries :
  • Male-dominated industries tend to have higher wages than industries and occupations made up mostly of female workers;
  • In a comparison of occupations with at least 50,000 men and 50,000 women in 2017, 107 out of 114 had statistically significant gaps in pay that favored men; six occupations had no significant gap; and just one had a gap favoring women.
  • In some occupations, women collectively are receiving billions less than they would with equal pay; for instance, women working as physicians and surgeons are paid $19 billion less annually than if they were paid the same as men in that occupation.
  • Salary Transparency Linked to Smaller Gender Pay Gap.
  • The gender wage gap tends to be narrower in job sectors where wages are transparent, according to a new analysis by the American Association of University Women (AAUW).
    • In the federal government, where salary ranges are published, there is a 13 percent pay gap between men and women.
    • In state governments, which also often post salary ranges, the gap is 18 percent.
    • In the private for-profit sector, where there is typically little salary transparency, the gap is 29 percent.These findings are included in the 2019 update to AAUW’s annual report, The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap. Based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the report shows that in 2018, women received just 82 cents for every dollar paid to a man. Women of color often face a wider gap:
    • The AAUW analysis also found that the pay gap, which starts as soon as women enter the workforce and grows throughout their working life, continues to hurt them in retirement:
      • Women collect only about 80 percent of what men do in Social Security benefits—a shortfall of about $307 a month for women over 65.
      • Women’s pension income is only 76 percent of that collected by men.
      • Women’s overall retirement income, which includes Social Security, pension, interest and dividend income and other sources of income, is only 70 percent of men’s retirement income.

      “The gender pay gap leaves women economically insecure at a most vulnerable time in life,” Churches said.  “A wage gap is unacceptable at any stage of life, but in retirement, it feels particularly egregious. We need to double down on our efforts to close that gap to ensure that women can be as economically secure as their male counterparts, no matter what their age.”

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    Wow, I really like your topic. Although I knew it existed, I did not give much thought about gender pay gap until I read your post! I think your post is very informative and is good for spreading the news about gender pay gap. It’s crazy to me that there’s a 13% pay gap between men and woman. Even though that amount may not seem like a lot, overtime it will build up and ultimately be a lot more money. I really enjoy reading the statistics similar to that one that you put into your research so perhaps in a future research round, you could expand on these ideas even further.
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    Overall, great job!

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