Hi am Saddam and I hope you are fine.I would be working on energy and future problems and I would  start by defining energy.


Types of Energy

Energy is the power we use for transportation, for heat and light in our homes and for the manufacture of all kinds of products. There are two sources of energy: renewable and nonrenewable energy.

Renewable Sources of Energy

Renewable sources of energy can be used over and over again. Renewable resources include solar energy, wind, geothermal energy, biomass and hydropower. They generate much less pollution, both in gathering and production, than nonrenewable sources.

  • Solar energy comes from the sun. Some people use solar panels on their homes to convert sunlight into electricity.
  • Wind turbines, which look like giant windmills, generate electricity.
  • Geothermal energy comes from the Earth’s crust. Engineers extract steam or very hot water from the Earth’s crust and use the steam to generate electricity.
  • Biomass includes natural products such as wood, manure and corn. These materials are burned and used for heat.
  • Dams and rivers generate hydropower. When water flows through a dam it activates a turbine, which runs an electric generator.

Nonrenewable Sources of Energy

Most of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas and petroleum. Uranium is another nonrenewable source, but it is not a fossil fuel. Uranium is converted to a fuel and used in nuclear power plants. Once these natural resources are used up, they are gone forever.

The process of gathering these fuels can be harmful to the biomes from which they come. Fossil fuels are put through a process called combustion in order to produce energy. Combustion releases pollution, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, which may contribute to acid rain and global warming.

Am going to make more research on energy and future problems,till my next post!


  1. Hi Saddam,

    Awesome post. I loved the layout of your research and how you included big titles for each of the topics you discussed. This made your post super easy for me to follow along, plus I always knew what you were talking about and how it related to your topic.
    I also really enjoyed the information you outlined. In fact, it had me reflecting where the energy I use actually comes from. A lot of the time, I plug my phone or computer into the wall outlet without considering how this energy is getting to me.

    One part of your research I made a connection to was your mention of wind turbines. While vacationing in Palm Springs, I remember my family was driving on the highway and we saw a huge field covered with tall wind turbines spinning.
    Perhaps you could look into how wind turbines work to produce renewable energy! What is the wind turbine made up of? Where are the most effective places to put them? Is it very effective compared to other forms of renewable energy?

    These are just some possible questions to get you thinking if you do decide to pursue this idea further!
    If you do, here are some awesome websites you can use to further your research:

    I can’t wait for your next post!
    Madison Ciulla

  2. Hey Saddam,

    Very good research you’ve done! I really like that you made it concise and easy to read. Energy is a thing we use in our everyday lives and quite frankly, it would be difficult for most citizens to live without it. In one of my classes, we discussed several of the sources of renewable energy you mentioned and we discussed how it differs from the energy used before and why it is better. One thing we discussed was this company who used a machine to suck all the carbon from the air to make fuel. It’s quite interesting honestly so it if interests you, you could look into this further, I’ll leave you the link right here!

    Good luck!

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