Values activity

The things I value are as follows: I believe people who stand up for their beliefs should be respected and valued. I believe it is important to take care of others and help them meet their needs. I believe it is important to pursue what is fair and morally right. The reason why I chose this three are because they go along with what my subject (corruption) doesn’t allow, or more like, that the places that have corrupt governments don’t respect these values. A situation where i put all these values together is when I went to La Guajira to help low income indigenous when they needed help the most. they needed to be heard and we were able to give them that. It might’ve not fixed the entire problem but it resulted on them having a voice, and getting the resources they were missing.

Values I dont see as very important are: I believe it is important to find new and creative ways of doing things. I believe we should respect an established way of how things have been done.I believe it is important for people to seek connection to a higher purpose. The reason is that these values I dont see as crucial to have in order to be able to end corruption. I agree with the statements.

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