ACTION-My proposal


From my research, due to multiple sources( listed down below ), it’s clear that the education system is lacking a critical element: financial resources. I would like to take a small step to help the children in Kenya, by arranging books/textbooks and stationery items for them.

How I’m going to do it…

Plan A

Emailing publishers/companies, informing them of the problem and the need for those materials in Kenya.
My email needs to be persuasive and it needs to touch them!

Plan B (less efficient)

Fundraising within the school and the community, gathering funds for the materials.

Roadblock (obstacle in the way) -Transportation


-The read fonts are my explanation and thoughts on how I can help with certain problems faced in Kenya.

-The bolded fonts are information relating directly to my action.

Despite Kenya’s government efforts towards the realization of Education For All (EFA), it continues to experience a number of challenges. These include gender disparities, high poverty levels, Teacher supply and quality, HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Inadequate financial resources.

Lack of financial resources devoted to education can be evidenced in many ways, including lack of schools and other facilities; insufficient classrooms; insufficient, underpaid, and/or insufficiently trained teachers; lack of management and supervision; lack of and/or poor quality textbooks and other learning materials; and insufficient attention to standards and quality assurance. Each and every one of these results of insufficient funding can act as a barrier to any child seeking a primary education.

“Most of the children here are very needy – some cannot even afford to buy a pencil,” Olympic headteacher Mr. Ochieng said. The materials will go to those in need!!

The Ministry of Education says it will continue to press the finance minister for more money.”We all believe that education is key, it’s an equalizer and a basic human right,” argued Minister Kaimenyi.

The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. Reading is a priceless gift for the youth, it could expand their knowledge, worldview, and so much more, it’s a passport or the future.

Education researcher Sarah Ruto says many African governments have been willing to introduce basic education for all children. But critics have argued that even though these programmes enabled more children to go to school, there was a lack of focus on the quality of education.Ms. Ruto says that Kenya performs best in East Africa for literacy and numeracy skills, but still the average pupil is below the expected level for the previous year group.

In Uganda, only 10% of the pupils can read English to the expected level.

Educational textbooks will not solve the quality of teaching, but it will enable a path for those who are willing to learn on its own.

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  1. Hi Ella,

    This is a cool idea! You will definitely be helping out by supplying the children in Kenya with school supplies. I think that a way you could improve your plan would be to consider a way to keep your action going instead of a one time thing. That would be a really amazing thing if you could organize it!

    Good luck with the project!


  2. Hello Ella!

    I think you have a great action plan and idea. I think sometimes people underestimate the power of simply asking. So, your taking on of this initiative and emailing companies and publishers is admirable.

    I noticed that you listed your Plan B as less effective. Maybe in your next post, you can elaborate more on this – why is transportation a roadblock? What are some other challenges you may face with your action?

    Overall, great job! I look forward to reading about your upcoming achievements.

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