Hi I am Simon Lex I hope you are fine.I would like to share a topic about,Human and  Animal Conflicts.


Human and animal conflict refers to the  interaction between wild animals and people and resultant negative impact on people or their resource or wild animals or their habitat .it occurs when growing human population overlap with establish wildlife territory creating competation for space and resource conflict take many forms including but not limited to ; loss of life or injury to human and wild animals depradation of livestock and degradation of habitat.

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Today my sub-topic is on how human affect animals.The reason is because some  of humans are responsible for causing  changes in the enviroment that hurt animals and plant species. human  take up more space on earth for  our homes and cities .human activites  change or destroy the habitats that plant and animals need to survive.


  1. Hey Simon,

    I really enjoyed your topic! There is tons of information you can find and multiple paths you can take for your research here. I think there are a lot of examples of human and animal conflict that you can look at further. In fact, I thought of an example of human and animal conflict in my own community while reading your post. In Coquitlam, there is a common issue of bears from local parks and forests finding their way to residential areas where they get into garbage cans. For this reason, the City of Coquitlam has put clips on all green waste bins to prevent this from happening. Even public garbages in the community have safety mechanisms to ensure bears cannot get into them. Bears definitely should not be eating garbage and human food. Not only can it be harmful to their diet and health, it also means bears will continue to come searching and possibly run into future conflicts with humans where someone could get hurt if they are not careful.

    You could also make a connection like I did, and describe an example of human and animal conflict happening in your community and the impact it is having!

    To help you possibly do this, I found some additional websites that might help you:

    Awesome job!
    Madison Ciulla

  2. Hi Simon,

    I really enjoyed your research project’s introduction. Good job on giving the definition of human-animal conflicts and dividing your inquiry to sub-topics! It was well done.

    The human-animal conflicts are such a universal problem, and sometimes, there are serious consequences to these conflicts. Because you already described the consequences of this issue, perhaps you could research how we can reduce our impact in your next round. It’ll be helpful to understand what steps we could take to lessen the consequences.

    As Heeva mentioned, you could also choose a specific animal and describe how that species is affected of human-animal conflict. The first website attached below offers information on a range of different animals such as bears, wolves and elephants. It was really interesting reading it! I hope that you’ll enjoy it too.

    Here are some websites:

    Great post!

  3. Hello Simon!

    I think this was a great introduction to human/animal conflict – especially because the conflict created by humans on earth is a very important and pertinent matter. You did an awesome job explaining some of the consequences of human and animal conflict. I think in your next round, it would be interesting to take a specific example or animal and explain it in-depth.

    Here are some sources that may be of use to you:

    Great job, Simon!

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