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Hi All!

My name is Asalah and I am grateful to go to Langley Fine Arts. I have many hobbies that I absolutely adore spending my time doing. One of my favourite hobbies is hiking and spending time outside. If I don’t have a reason to be inside, than I try not to be! The outdoors is a place where I refresh, practice meditation and mindfulness, play and have fun, so hiking, biking, and exploring are all much loved hobbies of mine. While I am out exploring the outdoors, I am always photographing the beauty of it. Photography is an integral part of my life and a hobby of mine that I practice everyday. I love portraiture, so whenever I get a chance I will get a friend or my mom out in the sunshine and photograph them or work on a photographic series. I see photography as such an important hobby in my life as I am always practicing and always looking to improve with every photograph I take. A new hobby that I’m growing more and more fond of everyday is yoga. I practice at a studio (or just in my PJ’s at home) at least four times a week and feel it is something that improves my well-being in all ways! I am also vegan (which means I don’t consume or use any products made from animals) so I love trying new vegan baking and do it whenever I’m feeling like something sweet.

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  1. Hi Asalah,
    I really enjoyed reading about your hobbies. I too absolutely love the outdoors and hiking. Taking photography is also a lot of fun. Instead of taking portraiture I usually just take pictures of nature but I would love to take portraits! I have always found it quite difficult compared to other types of photography. Do you take any photography classes in school? I also think yoga is an amazing hobby! I’ve only done yoga a couple times but would love to integrate it into my daily routine. If you haven’t yet decided on an action/inquiry topic, maybe you could do something based on you passions with photography or with yoga. Thanks for sharing your hobbies!

    – Cynthia

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