Routine Vienna Wise


(7am – 8:27am)

I’m waking up and getting ready for the day. I’m either very drowsy and kind of awake from my horrible sleep schedule. I throw on some clothes mainly comfy because why not and start to freshen up. I brush my teeth and hair (but y’know with different brushes.) Wash my face and sometimes I take a shower in the morning. After I’ve been called down multiple times I go and eat breakfast and painfully walk into the garage and hop into the front seat. Usually, at this point, my mom is freaking out because we’re probably going to be late. I then fall asleep on the way there and wake up when we get to school.

(8:28am – 10:26am)

I have a double block of Comparative Cultures and World Religion. It’s interesting and I really enjoy it. Learning about different religions really gets rid of stigmas and learning about their histories is really amazing too. We usually get a 5-10 minute break in-between the double block. I usually just look at my phone.

(10:28am – 11:27am)

We have Film & Television. It’s mandatory for Drama majors, it’s either Film or Musical theatre. At the moment we’re working on a group film for the BC film festival. My team is doing a film that’s experimental, so basically it’s not supposed to make sense; which works since it’ll also be a 1970’s horror.

(11:27am – 12:10am) 

This is lunch and I’m either in a teacher’s room doing work or eating lunch with my friends.

(12:11am – 1:08pm)

I’ve got Pre-Calculus and we just finished tests, hopefully I did well. We’re working on a deep dive now, which is basically just a project. It’s on Finance and that’s pretty much it other than we present them Tuesday.

(1:11pm – 2:09pm)

It’s Physics time and we also just finished a test on optics and we also finished presenting our projects on optics. My group chose Autorefractors, and we had to explain how they worked and what they did with light.

(2:12pm – 3:10pm)

I’m in Drama at this point and some of us are working on a play called Th’owxiya (Th-wox-ee-ya) It’s pretty fun and we’re all gaining new experiences. At this point, it’s just trying to figure out physicality and memorizing lines.

(3:11pm – 4:30pm)

Went to Butterfly and asked for the homework. Then I went home.

(4:30pm – 7:30pm)

I pretty much do nothing on Mondays even though I still have some projects to finish and I need to memorize. o.o It’s also dinner time after we’ve taken out the recycling and Dad’s gone to Karate & Mom’s coming home.

(7:30pm – Who knows)

I don’t honestly know when I go to bed and what I do in this time frame.

Anyway, that’s my usual Monday, byee.


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