Blog Post #2: Project Plan

  1. My research will consist of 3 rounds of research:

In this first round of research, I will try to find the origins of these Wars and what lead them to become a worldwide conflict. How were the World Wars labelled as such? What kind of people were involved and what resources existed at the time? In this part of my research, I hope to focus specifically on the past and the origins of these wars. This will help explain the circumstances under which a global conflict arose.  In order to understand the effects these Wars have had on our world presently, I believe it’s essential to understand the impact it had on their past. What leads to this mass of destruction and hate will help me understand if our society today might be at risk of more major conflicts taking place, or worse, perhaps a third World War.

This will then lead to my second round of research to find major “blocks” from the structure of our world that was greatly affected and influenced in our society. Such as politics, economy, social divides and technology. This will help explain the effects of the World War on the population and economy of the past and our ever-developing society today. This is an essential part of my inquiry, to see how these horrible battles have influenced the lives of the people in our society.

My third round of research will follow the understanding I hopefully gained on the influence of the World Wars and question if they could have been averted or avoided? Researching what could have been done to avoid these conflicts might help me understand what is being done currently to avoid problems we are facing. Further, I will analyze a scenario in which World War III takes place and how that would affect the “structure” of our world.

  1. 5 valid sources:

3. This question may impact both individuals and my community as it directly questions the structure of our society and how a harsh and hateful military conflict worldwide had shaped the way we live. This question will hopefully also provide answers to anyone wondering what the authority we are living under is and how this leadership was placed. How the leaders of our nations and the standing leaders of the world have arisen. This question will also show insight into the underlining of our lives. Perhaps explain where certain stereotypes originated from and also explain the possibly deeper origin of the world-wide conflicts today. The World Wars have affected everyone globally, as in the title. It may have affected others more personally and individually, but these wars have touched the lives of millions and had an impact on how the structure of our world was constructed. This question is also increasingly more relevant as our nation is on the brink of finding itself in another global conflict. I believe it is essential to understand what a global conflict would look like in the eyes of an average citizen as it will affect the grand population more so than the political leaders and their underlying conflicts. With the advancements in technology and major developments in technology a War, or more specifically a World War today would look drastically different than the World Wars of the past. This question will hopefully help me answer with more depth and understanding, in what ways a third World War would be different and how it can change everything from political standing to the economy and human rights in our world. These conflicts are a substantially important part of our history and I believe it is important to understand why that is and understand where our world is standing in the face of another World War.

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