Blog Post #1: Inquiry Project

1. How have the World Wars moulded the society we live in today? Could they have been avoided? Further, what would be the effect on our society if another world war was to take place in the future?

2. These series of questions I found to be interesting after reflecting on how people live around the world and what shaped these lives. I realized that many leading authorities of the world such as The United Nations were created as a result of these conflicts and to prevent future conflict from arising. Several of our current problems that plague the minds of most politicians also closely follows the pattern of problems from the World Wars. As well as many tensions between groups that remain consistent, along with stereotypes and misconceptions that have endured in our communities. The World Wars are a substantial part of our history and shaped the image of our world and our leadership and I also believe they continue to do so. It also makes me wonder, with the consistency of our issues worldwide if one major event can lead to another war, and what that would that look like in our now, technologically and advanced world?

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