Continuation Inquiry

Hi my name is Simone, this is my second draft of Poaching animals research! Thank you to all who gave me links to look at! they were very helpful! 🙂

Throughout my research I have realized so many animals that we see regularly have been poached for multiple reasons. To sell so money, make clothes such as coats, carpets.., food (sometimes just for good parts), as well as religions. Most of the time sadly it is for the money. Our society has made it almost impossible to go around without having this. Many businesses are involved in this as well, creating clothes such as, leather jackets (or real leather in general), fur coats, fur trimmed accessories, including Fox, rabbit, muskrat, beaver (specifically for their tail), stoat, otter , dog and so many more, cashmere from goat, and shearling. These are just some, many are more prominent them others and people have made them more known, the fact is this is because it became such a huge crisis, to the fact that they were becoming extinct. Many of these animals are used just for their skin or feathers and not for anything else. Sadly to many of these animals die after the fact. This tells us that not only were they attacked but as they did this, these animals were alive. They did not kill them before the fact, this did this while they cut and hurt them. Afterwards they left them to die! Many died soon after but some were found still alive. Happily there are people who go searching for hurt animas and do all they can to help and protects them. Many lived but many past, because of their injuries or an infection afterwards.

Many businesses are involved in this, maybe the don’t do the poaching themselves, or hire people to do it but they definitely do buy and sell them, specifically for the ones that will help there business the most (this is a factor of many extinctions). This makes them a product to the problem! There are many businesses though who have decided to stop selling them, such as Gucci who has decided to go fur free, Felder Felder, JH Zane, Vika Gazinskaya, Marta Jakubowski and many more have all decided. They all agree that just to become more successful in fashion, you do not need to contribute to such barbaric treatments to animals. they said, “Humane fabrics have never been in more demand, and the growing number of fur-free designs on international catwalks is a clear indication that you can be daring as well as innovative and rule the runways without harming animals.”  Even though many businesses agree with this, their are still some of the businesses that sell the animals products, like, ChristianDior, Burberry, Alexanderwang and others. Most of these places sell real leather or trimmed fur. Around 1 MILLION rabbits and 50 million other animals such as the ones ive listed have been abused. These animals are raised on fur farms ad trapped in the wild to be killed for their pelts (Last chance for animals has said this).

This is just some of the many. These are the ones around us in business, that we might not even known about.

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  1. Hi Simone, its very nice of you for researching about poaching which has been the main reason we are going extinct of some wild animals.I will keep on following up on your posts since am also working on Wildlife conservation. Waiting for your next post because i find it so educative.

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