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Education is very important to me. I have always liked education in school and have always been a quick learner which might have made it easier for me. Education can be hard at times but it is your willingness to push yourself that makes you stronger and the stronger you are the more success you will have. Education can provide a person with pathways in their lives that can curve your future into something great and lack of education can cause grave problems in ourselves and in the world.

Throughout my life I have had many rewarding educational experiences and most did not derive from a classroom. The most educational experiences I have had in my life have been through experience and trying new things. Being in French immersion my whole life from when I was placed in kindergarten and continue in the French immersion program presently. When in grade 7 all the French classes took a trip to Quebec. In Quebec we making completely immersed in the culture surrounded by the cuisine, history, music and language of the Quebecois. Speaking to the civilians in French helped my French grow stronger and helped me understand and appreciate the language and culture so much more and I am proud of that realization. The waiters and cashiers at stores spoke at a speed that in time my mind would comprehend and by the end of the trip I felt that my French had grown immensely since the beginning of the trip. In Quebec we also connected with pen pals that we had been talking with for months but these students did not speak much English. This forced us to speak fluently in French and connect with those who are citizens in the area. As a class we also went on field trips to massive churches that I found extremely compelling. The churches I found were the most interesting part of the trip. The grand pillars and stained glass windows depicting the history and story of the bible. Each church had beautiful ceiling with beautiful paintings or gold carvings. This experience showed me that schools and class rooms are not the only way for us to learn. Each and everyone of us learn in a different way and I find that I learn from experience. Being submerge in the roots of Quebec taught me more about the language and culture that I could ever have comprehended in a class room. I am proud of this learning experience because it helped me understand how I learn and it pushes me to try new things every day. Thank you for reading!
Sienna Saunders

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  1. i really enjoyed reading this because it made me realize that education is so important in our lives and in paving our future. education doesn’t just need to from from inside a classroom, often the best way to learn is through experience. keep up the great work!

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