Loise’s Education Post

Hi everyone,
Education is one of the most important thing in life.Without education in Kenya you we really suffer a lot.In my community that is the a Masai they do not really value education to girls but am fortunate to have education. Recently in my community girls were married off at a tender age and married off to old men in the community.I really appreciate pamoja for paying my fees making my stay in school comfortable. I have really learnt allot in school. Education has empowered me to became a responsible lady in life.It has also enabled me interact with different people from different tribes. Education has also helped eradicate some norms in our society eg female circumcision.
Am in grade 11 and i really enjoy reading chemistry and mathematics.My best topic in chemistry is moles and organic chemistry.At first i did not like doing the sums in moles but i came to enjoy doing the since there is no much thinking.i always ensure that i do at least three sums a day.I enjoy doing mathematics since its fun and involving.
I have attended mathematics and chemistry contest in different schools.Our school emerged the best and we were rewarded.

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  1. Ellen Piasentin
    on December 8, 2019 at 12:45 am said:
    Hi Loise!

    Here, everyone has easy access to school, and it’s so normal that many people will skip days or drop out when they’ve had enough of it. Has education helped you avoid being married off? How do you feel about the other girls in your community that have been married off?

    You seem really good at science and math! I hope that helps you go farther in your education, and be able to then help people back in your community and elsewhere.

    Here, I don’t think we have any super harmful cultural norms like female circumcision that need to be eradicated, but there are definitely lots of norms or ideas that are offensive or uninclusive, as well as people that support them.

    • Loise Naisula
      on December 8, 2019 at 11:31 am said:
      hi….hope your fine I really feel bad about my fellow girls who are married off at tender age by their parents and am really grateful pamoja for paying for my school fees hence I can access school easily..

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