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Hello to all,
I view that good education is a highly important tool to future-proof your life. As more children go through the education system and literacy rates have increased, it is key that children get an education in order to get into a career and earn to feed, clothe, and house themselves later on in life. However, I hear a lot of people talking about how you can be prosperous without having a top-notch education (like most of the celebrities/rappers and singers), while this is true it is so for a few people only, it is highly unlikely that you will undergo through these circumstances. While having a good education is essential, it is however not always good. Ever since my first day of school, I still hate waking up early in the morning and spending 5 hours sitting in a classroom taking down notes. I hate homework even more because whenever I go home, I want to unwind and relax from a long day at school and doing more of what you did in the classroom without help from the teacher is not a way to do so. Sometimes if you have quizzes and tests you must spend more time preparing and studying and it also puts stress on you. But nonetheless, the world will never change for the better if people are left by themselves to unlock the secrets of the earth and universe and logical thinking without the help of educated people and this is what education, I feel is all about. Education also helps you get out of your comfort zone and explore different things. When I was in middle school the was a block called “explorations” and all the student got divided into four areas “tech ed (woodworking and graphic design)”, “Home ec (cooking and sewing)”, “art (drawing and painting)” and “drama (music and performance)”. And we switched between these explorations and so I had chance to try all these various fields and now I have a good idea of which area I want to pursue for my future. Sometimes along with stress, education gives you a sense of accomplishment where in third grade I won a chess competition and I was highly proud of myself and I still play chess with my family and friends. While stressful and not at all easy, I feel that education is important and necessary that you simply must take the good with the bad.
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  1. Hi, i agree with what you are saying. It is so important to have a good education. Even if you don’t use the education you learn at least you have it and you never know if something will come up, when u really need it! I agree it will always come with good and bad and it can open your eyes up to the world around you!! I hope you love the career you decide to persue in the future.

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