Jackline’s Education Post

Hi everybody
One thing that i am happy about my education is that it is only determined by the effort you put but not the background.My best subjects are Mathematics and Geography.I really love these subjects because they require maximum concentration.I also put more effort in sciences because my career which is becoming a neurosurgeon requires a high grade in sciences.
One thing that i am proud about my education is the scholarship that you have given me.I am also proud because of the Wish programme .We learn more and also we get to know how to cope with the challenges that we face .
we have also learnt about confidence ,friend and friendship formation and many other things.I thank PA-MOJA for their support from grade nine until now that i am graduating to grade eleven.

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  1. Ellen Piasentin
    on December 8, 2019 at 12:25 am said:
    Hi Jackline!
    It can’t be easy preparing to study to be a neurosurgeon. I’m also very interested in the brain, but I’m more interested in the psychology side of it, rather than the pure science side and surgery. I also could never be a neurosurgeon because I wouldn’t be able to stomach it, and it’s such a hard field to get into. I hope you’re successful!
    The Wish program sounds really cool! I hope it helps you in the future when you need to know more practical things than just school work.
    Best of luck becoming a neurosurgeon,

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