Christine’s Education Post

Hey everyone,
I study at Njoro Girls High School in grade eleven. I am graduating my high school next year. My studying life has been the best thing for me .I am always working hard in order to achieve the best out of twelve years that I am in school. I remember there was a time when I was very poor at Mathematics but I consulted my teachers who were very willing to assist me and now am better at mathematics. My best subject is Christian Religious Education which I always emerge the best student in grade eleven .
I also like sciences since am hoping to take medicine as my course. During my education experience, I have been exposed to many life qualities such as honesty, courage and also confidence mainly though the PA-MOJA mentorship at Daraja Academy. Education has really transformed my life though the help of the PA-MOJA group. THANKS SO MUCH PA-MOJA.

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  1. Neil Martin
    on December 5, 2019 at 6:07 am said:

    An interesting mix of favorites Christian studies and Science. I love that. Medicine is a wonderful field to aim for. When I was your age I had no idea what I wanted to do. I just kept taking courses in University and Highschool that kept all my options open. I ended up teaching and couldn’t be happier. But honestly didn’t see it coming. ☺

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