Beth’s education post

I am really happy of my education experience because it has enabled me to be able to some life problems.This is all thanks to the subjects we do in school.

I remember this year in my Physics class we were introduced to the topic about electricity.It was not easy for me.I was expected to be able to connect the wires,the batteries and bulbs without the teacher’s help.On the first few days it was a bit hectic for me to connect the wires for the circuit to be complete.I thus decided to research about electricity on books and online.I spent three night preps doing the research and at the same time I had to spare time for my assignment.After all the hard-work I was able to complete the circuit and the bulbs lit.Our teacher was happy and even choose me to help my classmates.I was also very proud of my efforts,that made me to love everything about electricity.

Its all thanks to education that I can now help people at home in anything to do with electric appliances.I also happy that at least I did something I love.

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  1. Ellen Piasentin
    on December 8, 2019 at 1:38 am said:
    Hey Beth!
    It’s really cool that you learned so much about circuits and got to help out your classmates. My science class just finished a unit on electricity and no one was prepared for the final test, so I understand first hand how it was difficult for you in the beginning. It’s good that you could use your prep time to study it. You also must have learned way more about electricity in your class than I did because although I learned the basics, I didn’t learn nearly enough to actually help anyone with electrical appliances.
    Do you think that you like electricity and circuitry enough to go into a career involving it?

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