Alison – Education

Hi everyone!

From my educational experience, I have developed different things I’m proud of. For example, as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’m gratified of my work with Miracle Movement. I am especially proud of how I grew this club into a strong community of people with the same vision. In the last school semester, Miracle Movement was mainly formed from last year’s grade 12s. I struggled a lot to attract new members into the club. In our first meeting, only 5 new people showed up. However, after Clubs Day, Miracle Movement boosted in members where 30 students signed up. Their passion for pediatric health moves us to a positive direction. From our first sale, we collected nearly $400 in profit!

I’m also proud of the perseverance and initiative I’ve strengthened in my high school career. With a friend, I started a new club focused on wellness being. Furthermore, I participated in different volunteer and work opportunities. During the months where I would be either working or volunteering 26 hours a week, I still was able to maintain a high average last year. I’m proud of how I was able to balance a difficult schedule.

All the experiences I faced are important to me because they help develop and shape me. I learned different skills from different responsibilities I had!

I’m interested on what everyone else has to share! Thank you so much for reading.


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