Yvonne’s hobbies

Hi everyone I would like to share my hobbies with you
Personally I have a lot of hobbies but I will talk of two only. my two hobbies are writing and travelling. I enjoy these hobbies simply because travelling refreshes my mind .travelling helps me reduce stress .travelling to noisy places is quite frustrating and the most boring thing is travelling all alone. Travelling with happy people makes the travelling more fun. The fact that my two brothers like travelling makes me feel happy .travelling can be by foot or by a vehicle by both I feel comfortable.At some points it can be tiring.this is where you are traveling to far away places.my mom tells me the reason I like traveling is because when I was a little kid my mom used to travel to her workplace with me carrying me at the back up to when I was 9\ years old of which I think it is the reason that made me love traveling.
my other hobby is writing. most people think that so as to be a writer you must have a nice handwriting.but more surprisingly is that I have a poor handwriting but writing is my hobby.i also wonder and see it so funny.in most of the times when am free I find myself writing maybe some songs. I have a lot a lot of filled up journals at home and even in school writing notes in school makes me feel tired but surprisingly I don’t feel tired when writing on books and journals on my free time. .when am stressed I write all my problems on books and unfortunately I get relieved.i love writing because I write all my ideas in books and share my imagination and ideas with others .writing is of very much important to me because it has helped me cope with day to day challenges.
it has helped me deal with stress and write my imagination in a way others don’t.
I think it much very important to have hobbies because they have played a very huge role in my life.They have helped me cope with my challenges and am glad and very happy top such hobbies.

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  1. Asalah
    on December 5, 2019 at 2:26 am said:
    Hi Yvonne!

    I agree with you, travelling is so fun! Exploring new places and learning about different countries and cultures is so enriching. Similar to you, I have two siblings as well. I also enjoy travelling with them, it so does make it more fun! I absolutely love how you shared the story about your mom, I find that so beautiful and feel the same way about different aspects in my life regarding my connection and upbringing with my mother. I hope to travel to Kenya soon!

    You seem so talented at writing. I love how you write your feelings down on paper, that is so important and as you said can be a great strategy for relieving frustration and stress. Continue writing your ideas, thoughts, and imagination down!

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents and passions with us! I loved reading your post.


    • Yvonne Wangechi
      on December 5, 2019 at 5:47 pm said:Edit
      hi ! Asalah am very glad for your reply. That is all about what I do during my free time.as you have said exploring to far away places is so so fun.i have joined the music club in school and for that reason I get a chance to explore and get to know many places in Kenya.
      As I had said earlier writing being one of my hobbies has really transformed my life .writing my feelings on paper has helped me be free from frustration and also stress.am very happy and glad for your reply.

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