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My name is Jasmine, and I have many hobbies, but if I had to pick two, I would say that my two favorite hobbies are soccer and writing. I started playing soccer in kindergarten, and I started writing around the same time.

Soccer has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I think I would be a completely different person today without it. When I first heard about soccer, I told my dad I wanted to play it. He was surprised, and he asked me why. My parents are from Romanian, where soccer is a men’s sport only. I told my dad that I simply wanted to make new friends, and he agreed that it was a good idea. 9 years later, I have made the most rewarding friendships through soccer, and I have learnt many life lessons that I will carry with me forever. Not to mention the fact that I love the sport itself! For me, soccer is the perfect combination of running and strategy. Soccer works my brain, but also keeps me in shape. My favorite part about soccer is that it forces me to act in the moment and trust my instincts rather than analyzing each move.

The first thing I ever remember writing was a story in first grade. It was our first writing assignment, and we were all really nervous. Once I started, I realized that writing was like putting my imagination on paper, and I really enjoyed it. Once we handed in our stories, my teacher pulled me aside to tell me how much she enjoyed reading it. After that, I was asked to read out my story to a grade 3 class. A few years later, I edited that same story and submitted it into a writing competition, getting it published in a short story novel. From then on, I kept writing and putting ideas on paper. It helps me deal with stress, and it allows me to use my imagination in ways that school doesn’t.

Both of these hobbies have played a huge role in my life, and they help me cope with different issues I face during everyday life. I think it’s really important to have hobbies, because they help you learn new things and relieve stress.

-Jasmine P

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  1. Beth Wanjiku
    on December 4, 2019 at 4:22 pm said:
    Hi Jasmine

    I am also a great fun of soccer.I love following it up since its’ entertaining to just watch the players as they pass the ball and score goals using different styles.I am a great fan of Manchester City in The English Premier League and I also try to play in our school football team.

    I never tried to do writing as a hobby but I sometimes do writing just for fun.

    I hope you still continue playing soccer and writing.


  2. Hi Jasmine,

    Thank you for sharing your hobbies with the rest of us. It’s quite interesting actually how sports and exercise are many people’s favourite hobbies. I like how you said that soccer forces you to act in the moment and rely on instincts/reactions rather than analyzing. I also play soccer, and I can totally relate to this 100%. After playing for so long, there are parts of soccer that have become so fluent to me that they are just instinct, and I don’t even have to remind myself to do them when I am playing.

    I also connected with how you mentioned you have been able to make amazing friendships through playing soccer. This has been the exact same for me. I have known girls since from the age of 5 back when we were playing little TimBit soccer, and I still talk to many of them daily!

    I was wondering, what club team do you play soccer for? I play with Coquitlam Metro Ford 🙂

    Also, do you play for the Charles Best girls soccer team??

    I hope you continue loving the sport and playing throughout high school and even onto post-secondary if you plan on pursuing it further. I can’t believe that soccer is coming to an end for me soon, it feels as though time flew by! So all I can say is continue playing and having fun!

    – Madison Ciulla

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