Hannah’s hobbies

Hi everyone:
I have many hobbies but I will just pick up on two of my favorite hobbies which are basketball and soccer. I ‘ll start with basketball. It is a game played by seven opponents both sides. you first toast the ball and you aim at the basket which is attached to a ring and a post. you have first to toast the ball and then aim the basket and you get a score. this game also has many rules just as other games. I started playing this game since grade one up to today and I’ll never stop playing maybe when I am very old to play games. I love playing basketball at my leisure time because it helps me get energy and not to stay bored but to have fun playing with my friends. I also enjoy watching NBA to acquire Basketball skills and also teach others how this game is played and the rules that must be followed while playing this wonderful and fantastic game. many people also enjoy playing this game for fun and exercise. My best player in Basketball is Jordan. This game has helped me exercise and gain more skills of playing and enjoying my youth life.
My other hobby is soccer. It is played by twenty one people and each side has twelve players and a goal keeper. I enjoy playing this game very much because it is very enjoyable to play and it gives me energy to play. very many people enjoy playing this game because it is all over the world. I also enjoy watching this game very much so as to get skills and it also motivates me to play and also to teach others about this game and the rules and guide lines that must be followed. One of the rules of the game are like only the goalkeeper is allowed to catch the ball with his/her hands.my favorite players of this game are Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. I enjoy watching their skills and also trying to apply them in the game. The game has a goal keeper who defends the ball from entering the goal. There is a player in the middle, right and left wing, there is also a defender and a striker who passes the ball to the other player of the same team. football takes an average of ninety minutes which is one hour thirty minutes but in the middle of the game there is a half time for fifteen minutes.
There are also penalties just incase there is a fall in the box or both teams have gone draw. There is also a free kick just incase there is a fall in the field. The referee blows the whistle when the game starts and ends. That’s why I enjoy playing this games and they are my hobbies.

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  1. Madison Ciulla
    on December 4, 2019 at 3:38 pm said:
    Hi Hannah!

    Thank you for sharing your hobbies with us!

    Like you, I also love playing soccer!

    Do you watch the World Cup when it is on TV? Last summer, there was the Women’s World Cup.

    One of my favourite soccer players is Christine Sinclair who plays for the Canadian National Women’s soccer team. I also like Ronaldo too!

    I noticed you mentioned that you like to teach others about the soccer and the rules. I am actually a referee for younger children that play soccer, and sometimes I have to help them if they do a foul throw-in, or mistake a corner kick for a goal kick! This requires me to fully understand the rules of the game too so I can help these younger children learn. However, it’s actually quite interesting how the rules of soccer are continuously changing! One of the recent changes FIFA has made allows a goal kick to be received by the defending team from inside their 16-yard box. Before, they had to receive the goal kick outside of the box.

    I play centre defender on my current soccer team. I am the last person back before the goalie, and my main job is to minimize the chances for the attacking team to score on our net. What position do you like to play for soccer?

    – Madison Ciulla 🙂

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