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Hi everyone!
A little bit about me is that I really enjoy photography. I enjoy the thought of being able to “pause time” to capture memories. I’ve been in photography ever since I was little and have been taking pictures ever since. The thing that got me into photography is my cousin because he has many cameras and I really enjoyed taking his camera so that I can play with it. Although I’m no expert, I still find opportunities to take my camera out with me when I’m free for a stress relief day.
Another thing I really enjoy is travelling. I enjoy being adventurous and seeing new places. I’ve been to many places before, but my favourite vacation destination I have gone to is Tokyo. I really enjoyed the city and I hope to go again someday. Even when it’s not someplace far, I still enjoy the thought of getting out of my city and just exploring new places.
Nice to meet you 🙂

About emilyng

I am currently in Canada studying as a high school student. At my school, we are raising money for the Pa-moja butterfly effect program. To raise this money, my peers and I have been volunteering at our school's store. All of the money made there goes to this program.

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  1. Madison Ciulla
    on December 6, 2019 at 6:54 am said:
    Hi Kyla,

    I really enjoyed reading about your love for writing. I can definitely tell that you have a deep passion for it by the way you talk about it! And with the way you describe your hobby it sounds unique and special to you! You mentioned that you have started writing longer stories with big plots. What genres of stories do you like to write and how do you find your inspiration to write them? In other words, where does your inspiration come from?

    Thanks for sharing your hobby!

    – Madison Ciulla

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